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Escape to Arrington Vineyards: Nashville’s Hidden Gem

Statistics reveal that 87% of couples visit wineries in the afternoon to spend time together when they hit the Music City of Nashville.

Arrington Vineyards is undeniably among the best wineries in the state.

Initially established in 2003, this vineyard in Tennessee is co-owned by the country music star Kix Brooks, part of the music duo popularly known as Brooks & Dunn.

Also known as AV, Arrington Vineyards is an award-winning spot and the perfect spot for:

  • Bachelorette parties
  • Events
  • Weddings
  • and engagements

Arrington winery is also ideal for a girls’ getaway or a romantic trip because of its outstanding amenities and panoramic views. 

You can even check out some wineries in Northern Virginia, which borders Tennessee, when you’re here.

Another fantastic venue in Arrington is Dolan’s Venue which was launched on July 4th with a full fireworks display and much merry.

Despite the speculations that Dolan’s Venue is up for sale in the market, reports have confirmed that the owners do not intend to sell the place, as mentioned earlier.

So if you and your partner are wine connoisseurs, Arrington Vineyards is a must-visit if you are in the Nashville area. 

This comprehensive list of 11 friendly and fun facts about this iconic vineyard is aimed to help you have a fantastic experience with proposals and wedding photography. 

1. Wine Tasting

Wine tasting at Arrington winery is an activity you cannot miss when you set foot at the property.

Lovingly called Nashville’s Wine Country, this vineyard has produced 22 award-winning bottles of different wines since its inception.

They have many kinds of wine on their menu, even the non-standard ones like Non-Alcoholic Wines, cooling wines, and organic wines.

They also have daily wine tasting opportunities, which include:

  • Daily wine tasting flight for $14 per guest
  • Daily Wine Frosé for $12 per guest

Be part of the Wine opening and get a spot during the weekend wine tasting at AV, which includes Premier Tasting Experience and Signature Group Tasting, which are priced at $65 and $450 – $630. 

Wine statistics reveal that 88% of wine travelers prefer wineries that have affordable wine tasting costs, and AV fits the bill perfectly. 

2. Picnic Tables

Arrington vineyards from Nashville cover a massive area, so several picnic tables are around the property.

This is a fantastic feature since statistics show that 53% of families will not visit wineries that don’t have picnic tables. 

At AV, families love to spend quality time with each other and enjoy their picnics at this vineyard.

Several family travel bloggers also frequent this unique vineyard to have fun and document their experiences. 

3. Wine Club

Arrington winery has become an iconic name in the industry and has won several awards for its outstanding wines.

So it makes sense for AV to have an exclusive wine club with Kix Brooks as their head member. 

The wine club at AV is unique in that several clubs make it a treat for everyone that loves wine. The wine clubs at this nice winery include:

  • White Wine Club
  • Red Wine Club
  • Sweet Wine Club 
  • Mixed Wine Club 

Each club has its signature wines, and members get exclusive offers, including Arrington vineyards wines that are available for purchase.

The team at AV knows how to take their jobs seriously because you’ll get the most professional service when you’re here.

There is also no fee to join Kix’s Wine Club meaning everyone is welcome to join.   

4. Live Music

Arrington Vineyards is closely associated with live music, and Kix Brooks’s co-ownership is just the icing on the cake.

At AV, Music in the Vines is a regular weekend event where you and your loved ones can enjoy free live jazz music.

This is an outstanding feature since wine statistics show that 90% of couples love wineries that have to personalize live music.

Arrington Vineyards, hand in hand with the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development, is actively a part of the Tennessee Music Pathways initiative, where they aim to open their doors to the public to enjoy great live music.

The phenomenal musical background that is imprinted on the state of Tennessee is what Arrington Vineyards is trying to capture. Hence, the Tennessee Music Pathways project will cover this region’s incredible musical heritage.

5. Bluegrass

If you’re looking for a weekend getaway unlike any you have ever experienced, the Arrington Vineyards Grasstime event is the one you should keep a lookout for.

When the chill of the spring winds starts to set in, the Arrington vineyards kick off their live music events.

From April to November, they have live music playing in the wine country every weekend.

If you’re a fan of bluegrass, this is something that you should experience with your partner.

What’s better than enjoying some high-quality, award-winning wines with better live music?

Anyone is welcome to the party; you can even bring your blankets and pillows to get comfortable and cozy while listening to bluegrass and Jazz bands for free.

It’s a fantastic way to unwind and finish your weekend with a loved one.

6. Porch

After a day in the sun, enjoying the view of the valleys and hills covering much of this wine country, you can finally sit on the porch swings and breathe in the fresh evening air.

The Arrington Vineyards comes with its porch swings, deck, lawn, and patio with enough sitting room for everyone.

Sip on the state-of-the-art wines while taking your time to enjoy the incredible scenic beauty. 

7. Blackberry

When you think of wine, the first thing that comes to mind is probably grapes, but you’ll be surprised at how the blackberry taste can add an exciting note to these wines.

If you have a knack for trying out new and innovative types of wines, be sure to check out Arrington Vineyard’s exclusive blackberry wines.

Arrington’s Vineyards have created blackberry wines that have even won awards in the Indy International Wine Competition.

The best thing is that the flavor profile isn’t the only upside. It is also packed with lots of beneficial nutrients and vitamins.

8. Riesling

Riesling wines are some of the most expensive wines you will find that come from the state of Tennessee.

With a reasonably stable price point in over a year, these Riesling wines are a fan favorite for frequent visitors of the Arrington Vineyards.

Riesling is famous not just for its taste but also for its aroma, which resembles start fruits and nectarines.

You can also taste a bit of sub-tropical fruits like tangerine, kiwis, and peach, so the aftertaste leaves your tongue tingling with sweetness.

You’ll find that Arrington Riesling wines are not easy to come by. There are only a handful of stores in America that sells this wine.

They make almost every kind of wine from

  • Chardonnay
  • Rare white blend
  • Shiraz
  • Noiret
  • Gewurztraminer
  • Chambourcin
  • Symphony
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Rare red blend
  • Bordeaux viognier
  • Blend red
  • Syrah
  • La crescent
  • and merlot.

9. Antebellum

If you’re not an ardent wine drinker, then you’re in luck because Arrington Vineyards specialize in Antebellum wines, which is the perfect wine to start with for seasoned whiskey drinkers.

This wine is distinct in flavor and is a whole experience in the mouth with flavors and aromas that are unlike any other you have ever tried.

Its exclusivity won Arrington’s Vineyards’ Antebellum wines a handful of international awards.

10. Beautiful scenery

For wine lovers, there’s nothing as great as visiting a vineyard that offers exceptional experiences.

Arrington Vineyards aims to give its customers the experience of a lifetime with its top-shelf wines, which can be enjoyed by watching the breathtaking panoramic view of the estate.

They have expansive courtyards with picnic tables and open spaces where customers can sit and relax in the sun or get a map and take a tour through Williamson County.

During the winter, they also have a bonfire pit so you can snuggle in your blankets while enjoying a nice glass of wine.

The panoramic beauty of Arrington Vineyards allows you to experience the natural beauty of the valleys and hills, making for the perfect destination to host parties like a bachelorette party.

With the stunning backdrop of the vineyards, you’ll get the perfect pictures to cherish and treasure forever, not forgetting the memories of the place and people.

This location ticks all the boxes for a fervent bride-to-be looking for the perfect way to host a memorable bachelorette party.

Whether you want a night or evening themed party or a day in the sun, this place can accommodate your every wish.

Not only this, but if you want a simple and intimate wedding destination, the Arrington Vineyards is one of the best locations in Tennessee.

You’ll find that many couples choose this place for proposals and wedding photography because of the exquisiteness of these vineyards.

11. Kid Friendly

You might think that wineries have an adult-only entry policy, but 85% of wineries are kid-friendly in the Nashville area.

And Arrington Vineyards is genuinely impressive for its inclusivity.

Although they restrict wine purchases and consumption, children below the legal drinking age can visit the vineyards with their family and friends.

You’ll quickly find excellent hotels in and around Arrington Vineyards to stay with your friends and family.

You can even bring your packed lunches and picnic in their courtyard with your entire family or find a food truck in the area.


These 11 things are quintessentially the most fun things to do in Arrington Vineyards.

The list comprises a variety of options that are exclusively available at the location, so you can spice up your relationship with a little bit of everything when you visit this location.

If you feel like I’ve missed a few points in the article, comment below on your favorite thing about the Arrington Vineyards.

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