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Apothic Red Blend Wine Review: The Perfect Choice for a Bold and Flavorful Experience

Choosing the right wine from the array of wines lined up in the supermarket, wishing it is a good one, does not always turn out to be great.

Trust me! We have all in our adventurous spring have made bad wine choices for an evening of unwinding or even as a gift.

I have had a long love affair with wine, and it has landed me to wine tastings, visiting wineries, and trying out new wines.

My adventure for new wine tasting landed me to one of my favorite go-to drinks- the Apothic Red Wine produced by Gallo.

The article will run an Apothic Red Wine review, showcase its features, why you should choose this wine and lots more.

By the end, you will know why the Apothic Red wine is so famous and why trying one is not such a bad idea.

The Apothic Red wine Review

The Apothic is one of the most famous wines you can find in and around the supermarket, online etc.

What makes this wine so popular, and what actually makes it stand out from the rest.

Here is a review of the Apothic Red wine.

The Composition

The Apothic Red wine is a blended wine.

This means it has more than one variety of grapes.

It is made from the blend of four grapes- the Zinfandel, Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Know that wines can be made from a single variety to a blend of varieties of grapes.

While it is not uncommon to blend a couple of grapes varieties in a wine, the Apothic Red wine is a blend of four grapes.

It can either be a hit or a miss in terms of flavor and aromas.

In my opinion, Gallo touched just the right blend from the mixture of the four juicy grapes from California, giving the delicious smooth wine. The wine has an alcohol level of 13.1%, as mentioned by its producers.

The Taste/ Flavour

The Apothic Red wine blend is a well-balanced, rich, smooth and easy drink.

It is a fruit-forward wine with sugary residual.

You can effortlessly taste the hints of soft vanilla, mocha coffee and other condiments that enhance the wine’s smooth taste.

It is sweet yet still dry, making it a perfect drink for beginner wine drinkers.

Wine connoisseurs usually label the wine as the entry-level to wine drinking.

The wine has a pleasing smell of blackberries, choco, and a hint of syrupy brown sugar on the aroma.

The wine is on the sweeter end with only tiny nodes bitterness, smooth and fast to sip wine.

The package

The Apothic red wine has an elegant appeal, packaged in a 750 ml content glass bottle (bottle 100 percent recyclable).

The color of the wine is rich, intense and when poured into a glass, it has a dark shade. The bottle comes in a cork version.

The wine does not need to be aged and can be consumed immediately after buying it off the wine store or from the supermarket shelves.

The pricing

The Apothic Red wine is priced just affordably at $10.99. It is not expensive enough to make a hole in your pocket but priced decently for a delicious bottle of red wine.

The wine can be great for gifting or for family dinner invites.


I understand wine preference is a very personal choice, and what might work for you might not be for me.

The Apothic Red wine as such might not be for all. As mentioned above, the wine is on the sweet side, and it can be offputting for those wine lovers who are into the bitter nodes.

If sweet wine isn’t your mojo, this isn’t your perfect glass of red wine.

Do I recommend it?

It is an excellent wine for easing into wines, as it is sweet and smooth.

The pricing is just suitable for a decent wine. It might not be a favorite for people who aren’t into sweet wines, but if it is a sweet wine that you love, this can be a definite hit for you.

I would recommend this wine for cocktails and easy unwinding wines for dinner or evenings.

Let us learn more about the Apothic Red Wine.

What makes Apothic red wine a popular choice?

There has been a growing review on the Apothic Red Wine on online space by influencers and sellers.

Consumers have given it a high rating, but why?

The appealing features of the wine are that it is affordable, available in almost all stores and is just an effortless drink.

The wine does not need to be aged but can be enjoyed right after purchase.

The best part is that it is loaded with flavors yet well-balanced and delicious.

Who is Apothic wine suited for?

If you are a beginner looking for good wine, the Apothic Red wine is just the wine for you.

A lot of people can’t get past the bitter nodes in the wine to enjoy; however, the sweet taste with just tiny hints of bitterness will ease you in to enjoy your perfect wine.

The wine can be an excellent option for cocktail parties, barbeques, family events, or for an evening of unwinding.

It is smooth, easy to sip, and not hard on your throat. Personally, I have been using the Apothic Red wine for my cocktail parties and family dinners lately, and they work every time.

I don’t have to break my bank to purchase them, and they taste just right for such occasions.

Who should not indulge?

It is well understood that every wine has a target consumer, and the Apothic Red Wine might just not cut the deal for you.

Most of the criticism of the wine is centered around the fact that it is just too sweet for a dry wine.

It has a considerable sugar residue, around 17 grams, which equals almost 2.5 tablespoons per bottle.

A dry red wine category usually carries a wine residue of 2 grams and, in some cases, 6 grams.

The Apothic red wine comes off as too sweet for wine connoisseurs, considering itself as a dry wine.

Alternatives under the same brands

If you want to try other red wines, Apothic has a good collection. On the exact pricing, if you are looking for another smooth profile, try the Apothic Cab made with Cabernet Sauvignon.

You also have the Apothic Crimson at lower alcohol level, smooth yet medium body, full of fruity flavor.

I have been drinking and trying the various other wines from the Apothic brand umbrella for a couple of years now.

If the red wine isn’t doing for you, there is something for everyone in Apothic wines.

They also have the Apothic White for white wine lovers and the Apothic Rose wine.

Similar Alternatives

After your sip with Apothic Red, if you want to venture more alternatives, try Zinfandel, Merlot or Tempranillo grape wines.

If you are specifically looking for a wine similar to Apothic Red, are Conundrum Red blend or the Witching Hour Red wine. They are along with similar taste nodes as Apothic Red.

It can be a great alternative if you can’t get hold of the Apothic Red or when you run out of the same and want something similar.

Some extra tips

1. What do you eat with Apothic Red wine?

Its full body sweet taste wine will suit with barbequed food items like chicken, steaks etc.

For snacks, it can go well with pizzas, hamburgers, some grilled chicken wings etc.

Cheese lovers can pair it up with Cheddar cheese, Brie or Asiago cheese.

2. Should you chill Apothic Red wine?

The Apothic Red wine is best to enjoy in a standard room temperature setting.

However, you can also slightly chill your red wine for personal preference.

3. A little bit about where the Apothic wines

The Apothic red wine and other Apothic wine series come from the valleys of California, inspired by Apotheca.


If you are looking for affordable, easy to drink, smooth and sweet red wines, the Apothic Red wine is the wine for you.

The wine is jam-packed with fruity flavors and smooth vanilla and coffee mocha hints.

If you are easing your way into red wines, I recommend the Apothic Red wine as a beginner wine.

You can find the Apothic Red wine in your local supermarkets, wine or liquor stores, online shops like Amazon, its official websites for direct purchase.

You can also check out local dinners that serve Apothic wine through its website. 


The Apothic red wine has become a massive success among the younger generations who wants to enjoy easy, affordable wines.

If you are looking for blended flavourful yet well-balanced delicious wine, I say the Apothic Red is the wine to choose.

There are alternatives, yet the wine is an excellent choice given its high-end standard, pricing and taste.

If you have become part of the Apothic Red wine lover club like me, leave a comment on the post.

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