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25 Best Wine Blogs And Influencers To Follow In 2023 – Complete List

Today I am going to talk about the best wine blogs that can help you find the right information.

There are thousands of wine blogs out there and it gets overwhelming for wine lovers to find and read the right wine blogs.

I have done the heavy lifting for you.

The below wine blogs will help you stay updated on everything that’s happening in the wine industry worldwide.


Let’s dive right in.

1. Winewankers

The wine wankers was started by Conrad and Drew. They are two major wine lovers who love to talk about wine on social media platforms.

Their blog is one of the highest-rated wine blogs in the world. It has a large international social media following.

Since their blog is not frequently updated, you can connect with them through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for daily wine updates and insights.

2. Wine Folly

The blog was started by Justin Hammack, Madeline Puckette, and Chad Wasser in 2011 in Seattle.

The blog focuses on wine knowledge and appreciation.

Their main goal is to help wine lovers gain deeper wine knowledge.

It’s a great blog that is packed with highly educational content for wine lovers.

3. Tim Gaiser

Tim Gaiser is a wine expert who is recognized worldwide and he has good experience in all phases of wine i.e wholesale, wine, online, and restaurant.

His goal is to teach people about wine tasting and other disciplines that involve the use of sensory evaluation.

4. Vinography

Vinography is an influential blog that was started by Alder Yarrow in 2004 as a personal project.

The blog has grown tremendously from a personal project to a respected blog that talks about reviews on restaurants, wine, books, and events.

Their content is fresh and highly educational.

5. My Van City

The website was started by Valerie van der Gracht whose main goal is to make wine more approachable for the 98% of us that have limited knowledge over and above our love of and enjoyment of wine.

Valerie hopes to make the art of selecting and pairing wine easier and less intimidating. Offering suggestions for the wine lover looking for wines at all price points, including more affordable options.

The MyVanCity.ca website features wine, wine pairing, and even recipes of dishes that best compliment the wine. A full spectrum of old world and new world wines including the wines of British Columbia.

You can also find MyVanCity on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

6. Write For Wine

If you like to read about great wine and winery stories, then Write for Wine is for you.

Write for Wine is one of the first wine blogs in Washington state, launched by Margot and Dave in 2007. Originally, the blog introduced people to wines in WA, the second-largest wine region in the U.S. But over the years, it expanded to feature other wine regions in the country, and in the world.

Margot started writing about wine decades ago as a national journalist in Canada and the U.S. She emphasizes that she and Dave are wine enthusiasts; they do not consider themselves critics. Writing for Wine is not about reviews or scores.

The blog’s goal is to share stories and notes on wines that Margot and Dave like; as a result, readers try the wine, and if their palates are similar, they return for more suggestions.

If Margot and/or Dave don’t like a wine, they do not feature it. Their attitude: “There’s too much good wine in the world to spend time writing about wine we don’t like.

You can also find Write for Wine on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.

7. 1 Winedude

Do you want to become deeply in love with wine?

If yes then the 1winedude blog is the best platform to learn more about wine.

In fact, it’s the best blog for wine beginners. The website was started by Joe Roberts who has great knowledge about wine.

To prove his knowledge, Joe has authored two books that are popular on Amazon.

8. Wine Investment

Do you want to profit from wine?

If yes, then Wine investment website is the best platform to use.

According to Tom Gearing, CEO, and co-founder, his website is about enjoying wine and profiting from it.

How does their wine investment work?

You simply tell them:

  • How much do you plan to invest
  • Share your investment parameters with them
  • Find your account and asset allocation
  • … finally, access your account and enjoy your benefits.

9. Wine Anorak

The blog was started by Jamie Goode in 1999.

Since then the blog has grown to be one of the best wine blogs in the world.

The blog talks about food, travel, and regions. It’s a friendly blog that cannot let you down.

10. Jancis Robinson

Jancis Robinson is an influential wine expert who writes daily for her blog. She is one of the few people who often travels the world to conduct wine events.

If you are looking for an independent source of wine news, opinions, and travel, then Jancis Robinson is the best site.

11. The Wine Siren

The blog was started by Kelly Mitchell and the main goal of Kelly’s blog is to share and demystify the complex process of making wine.

If you want to learn about new products, wine travel tips, and the latest on wine and food then Kelly’s site is the right platform.

12. Sparkling Winos

Do you want to be a bubbly person?

Then Mike and Jeff are the people to follow.

On their blog, they share wine knowledge and experiences they have in wine adventure.

If you are looking for the best reviews, food pairing, and travel tips, then the Sparkling Winos blog is right for you.

13. Vinogal

Vinogal is a blog that was started by Mira Vojinovic who is an independent wine consultant working in the New York area.

She has a vast knowledge of wine. On her blog, she loves sharing all the wines she drinks and the stories behind the wine.

14. Liz Palmer

Liz Palmer is a wine journalist and top influencer who shares great insights into the world of wine and spirits.

Her expertise has made her become a marketing influencer for the beverage industry.

15. The Grape Grind

The grape grind is an amazing blog that talks about wine tasting, events, personal stories, and wine journey.

The blog was started by Kendeigh Worden in 2016 as a personal project and it has grown into a resourceful platform for wine students and wine lovers.

16. Terroir Review

Do you want to stimulate your mind?

If yes, then the Terroir Review site is the right platform.

The site was started by Meg Maker in 2008 and it has rapidly grown into a respected publication.

The site focuses on terroir-driven foods and the people who make them.

17. The Wine Stalker

The blog was started by Joey Casco in 2013.

Before it transformed to be a blogging platform, the blog started as a Facebook page and then transitioned to a blog.

The blog has great content that talks about wine reviews, recipes, and wine tasting tips. Currently, Joey is focused on creating a podcast that will provide more insights.

18. Wine With Paige

Do you love wine bottles?

Are you looking for incredible stories behind the best wine bottles?

Then Paige’s blog is the right platform.

Paige’s mission is to help wine lovers connect with great wines across the world.

19. Carolyn Evans Hammond

If you love wine tasting and food pairing, then carolynevanshammond.com is the right person to connect with.

Carolyn is a wine critic who hosts three popular YouTube shows.

On her YouTube channel, you can learn virtual wine tasting and insights about fine wines to drink.

20. Vindulge

Vindulge wine food travel lifestyle blog

Do you want to experience good food, good wine, and a great cooking experience?

If yes, Vindulge a popular blog that talks about wine, food, travel, and lifestyle are the best platform to use.

Vindulge focuses on BBQ and grilling recipes with wine pairing.

Their main goal is to help people create fantastic wood-fired food and wine pairing experiences.

21. Natalie Maclean

Natalie’s blog will help you know the wines you want before you even get to the store with her wine reviews.

If you are looking for the best wine reviews or the best place to get your wine, then Natalie’s blog is the best platform to look at.

22. Wine Turtle

Wine turtle is a growing blog that talks about reviews, guides, and tips that cover wine tools and homemade wine recipes.

23. My Wine Pal

Do you want to drink good wine?

If yes, then Karl Kliparchuk is the right person to connect with. Mywinepal was started by Karl and on his blog, you will learn a lot about finding a good wine.

Karl is a great person who has great insights when it comes to the wine industry.

Before you meet any winemakers, make sure you connect with Karl.

24. Sip On This Juice

I love bubbling people and this is where Amy Lieberfarb comes in.

Amy owns a website known as Siponthisjuice.com where she talks about her daily life, wine tasting, food & drink and travels, etc.

25. Wa Wine Report

Wawinereport.com is an independent publication that focuses on bringing Washington wine and helps in connecting wine lovers to larger communities.

The publication was started by Sean Sullivan whose main goal is to help people keep up to date about Northwest’s wineries, vineyards, and individuals.


The 25 wine blogs will keep you engaged all year long and prepare you to have good knowledge of wine.

Constantly reading new posts on the above blogs will keep you updated on the latest happenings in the wine industry, and help you expand your wine knowledge.

So…What Do You Think?

Now I want to hear from you.

What do you think of this list?

Or maybe I missed one of your best wine blogs.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below.

6 thoughts on “25 Best Wine Blogs And Influencers To Follow In 2023 – Complete List”

  1. Thanks for sharing this list! I’m starting out on my wine journey and love reading blogs and all the great content out there to help me learn.

    I’ve also started a wine blog, bunchtobottle.com, to follow my own wine discovery journey. Any tips from these experts always welcome 🙂

    Cheers, Ellie

  2. Hi Ellie,

    Welcome to the wonderful world of wine discovery! The journey is, as they say, what you make it.

    My philosophy is drink what you like and never feel intimidated by self proclaimed “experts”.

    The journey of wine discovery is meant to enjoyed.

    Happy wine tasting.




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