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Countries With The Most Wine Drinkers: 14 Crucial Global Wine Statistics

For avid drinkers, getting the wine opener to pop open for a crisp glass of wine feels magical!

But can you believe that the history of wine dates back to 7000 BC?

At this time, wine was merely a mixture of fermented rice and grape.

Today many countries consume wine, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic wine.

You can even get wine cocktails known as sangria at bars and restaurants. 

Typically, enthusiastic wine drinkers come from countries renowned for wine production as well.

Presently, Portugal is at the top for the most wine consumption globally, with over 52 liters of wine per year for one person, followed closely by more popular wine-producing countries like Italy and France. 

With more DtC wine shipment regulations for wineries, the wine market is becoming more polished and upgraded.

According to OIV, global wine statistics in 2020 reveal the world’s consumption of wine at an estimated 234 million hectolitres (Mhl), which is a marked 3% decline from the previous years.

In 2021, the predicted growth of the global wine market was estimated at a 4.30% CAGR, increasing the monetary value to over $456.76 billion in 2028.

In this article, we will discuss wine statistics of the world in minute detail, learning about which Country consumes the most wine and how much market share the wine industry holds.

We will also be revealing the numbers of some niche criteria in global wine statistics. 

Which Country Produces The Most Wine?

According to a 2022 review by World Population Review, Italy produces the most wine, with a production of over 4,250,000 liters in a year.

This is closely followed by France, with 3,641,900 liters in a year.

The runner-ups for the top wine-producing countries were Spain and France, who exported more than 20.2 million and 13.6 million hectolitres that same year.

Wine marketing is prevalent in countries where the production is high, so they earn a lot in export.

Which US State Drinks The Most Wine?

California drinks the most wine in the US by volume.

The frequency of wine drinking in California is more than in any other state, with over 150 million gallons of wine consumption recorded in 2019.

However, when you look at per-capita wine statistics, Idaho outdrinks California with a consumption of 1.21 gallons per capita

What Is The Wine Capital Of The World?

In southwest France, Bordeaux is the wine capital of the world.

Bordeaux is home to some of the best wine vineyards in the world.

The city of Bordeaux produces an estimated 6.5 million hectolitres of wine in a year that comes from more than 115,100 hectares of vineyards.

Because of the land’s unique features and landscapes, together with the perfect climatic conditions for vineyards, Bordeaux produces high-quality grapes used to produce world-class wines.

UNESCO even declared Bordeaux a World Heritage Site in 2007.

Italians and Americans, Who Are The Most Wine Drinkers?

When you talk about countries that score the highest on wine consumption, the answer is easily the US.

However, in 2020, the consumption of wine in the US dropped by 3%.

Although Italy tops the wine market when you look at global wine statistics, the USA outranks Italy as the largest consumer of wine in the world.

In 2020, the United States consumed over 33 million hectoliters of wine.

Who Are The Most Wine Drinkers, Male or Female?

Global wine consumption statistics show that females easily outnumber males when drinking wine.

According to a 2021 study on the gender split in wine consumption, the results showed that only 15 percent of men in the US who drink alcohol said that they prefer drinking wine.  

Another 2019 study in the US showed that 43.2 percent of female respondents preferred wine as their alcoholic beverage, whereas 39.3 percent of males chose liquor or beer.

Which Country Makes More Money Selling Wine?

Looking at wine revenue, the United States of America was at the top for making the most money out of selling wine.

The 2020 review of wine statistics show that the US alone garnered about 50 billion USD from just wine of sale, and it was followed closely by France with 25 billion dollars in revenue.

Which Country is best for the wine business?

To avid wine drinkers, it will be no surprise that France is the world leader in the best wine businesses.

France is also the second-largest producer of wine, with the top rank going to Italy, and is accountable for at least 29.5% of global wine exports every year.

Which Country Has The Most Bottles of Wine In The World?

According to the World Population Review of 2022, Italy is the world’s top wine exporter.

Italy produces over 4,250,000 liters of wine bottles in a year, followed by France with 3,641,900 liters and Spain with 3,248,000 liters.

The United States makes up about 2,333,900 liters in a year of total wine bottle production.

Which Wine Is The Most Popular Among Consumers?

Red wine is the most popular wine.

Among the different red wine types, Merlot’s most popular, taking up 19% of the votes, and cabernet sauvignon with 18%.

Among the top preferences are Zinfandel and pinot noir as well.

What is the most consumed type of wine?

Among all wine-drinking adults globally, the preferred type of wine is red wine, which makes up at least 69% of the total vote.

However, most people also like white wine and rosé at 65% and 55%, respectively.

Which Country Consumes The Most Red Wine?

In a recent study by International Wine & Spirit Research (IWSR), China is the biggest consumer of red wine, surpassing France.

In the last year alone, Chinese wine consumers drank up to 1.865 billion bottles of red wine which led to a 136% rise in wine consumption.

Which Country Has The Greatest Vineyard Surface Area?

Spain has the most significant vineyard surface area.

Although Spain is not the largest consumer of wine, the Country has at least 961 thousand hectares of vineyards.

China comes in second place with 830,000 hectares of land for vineyards, followed by France with 786,000 hectares.

Which Country has the highest sales share of the global wine market?

In the global wine market, the USA tops the charts for the highest sales share.

When it comes to global wine market sales, the industry’s growth is predicted to grow to a massive $456.76 billion by 2028.

In California alone, the wine market in 2020 was worth more than 40 billion USD, and France came in second with 25 Billion USD in wine revenue.

Which Country Generates the Highest Sales Revenues of wine?

Italy has always been at the top of the wine-producing game, making over 20.8 million hectares of vineyards.

Naturally, Italy generates the highest sales revenue of wine.

What Is the Market Value of California Wine Market?

The market value of the wine industry is at a staggering USD 58,134 million in 2022.

The growth of the wine market is expected to increase at least 7.67% by 2025

How much is California’s wine industry worth?

The wine industry in California has seen steady growth since the 2020 decline.

The California wine market is worth over 43.6 billion USD in retail value. 

What Is The Sales Growth of US Premium Wineries?

In 2021, the premium wineries‘ sales in the United States grew 21 percent more than last year.

Since 2017, the average sales growth was around 40,000 cases, while the 2021 sales made an estimated 39,008 cases which was a decline compared to 2020. 


Whether red, sparkling, or otherwise, a bottle of wine is a widely popular drink with great potential for the world economy.

Some countries may enjoy the wine-drinking process more than the wine-making process, contributing to world wine economics.

The popularity of wine has given rise to quality wine education for wineries worldwide, including learning about wine microbiology.

Other recent wine-related developments are wine coolers and the wine purse, which is a new trendy way to carry wine.

We hope this article helped shed some light on global wine consumption statistics.

Please leave a comment on the post and let us know your thoughts. 

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