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5 Reasons Why Natural Wine Is The Most Favorite Drink In Brooklyn, New York

As the global wine statistics reached its heights in organic wine production, Kilolo Strobert decided to open a wine shop, complete with a tasting room in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.

Like many other residents of Brooklyn, she is also knowledgeable about the fact that the marketing for organic wines is on the rise.

Many new wine stores and wineries are opening up and producing natural wines to satisfy customers’ demands.

Her new shop, Fermented Grapes, was opened in partnership with Max Katzenberg, with whom she works to bring in the best selection of wines from across the world to Brooklyn.

In a Forbes interview, Strobert said that the main reason why organic wines are on the rise is because of the change in palate and perspective towards a healthier lifestyle. 

“Natural wine is wine made without the use of pesticides or herbicides and with little to no additives,” states Sarah M, Nutrition Consultant

5 Reasons Why Natural Wine Is The Most Favorite Drink In Brooklyn

1. Sustainable and healthy

Natural wines are made in sustainable vineyards that do not hold any risk to the environment.

For environmentally-conscious people, natural wines are the best alternative.

In fact, due to the rising demand for natural wines, more winemakers are starting to adopt the organic way of farming and fermentation process of making wines a much more sustainable practice. 

Vineyards that produce natural wines use the dry farming method, whose water source for irrigation is only rainfall.

According to a study, organic farming reportedly reduces water use during irrigation by a staggering 16,000 gallons per acre.  

 “It’s important to talk about farming, it’s important to talk about what we’re putting in our bodies and natural wine speaks to that.” (Kilolo Strobert, Owner of Fermented Grapes, BK)

The alcohol content is also shallow in natural wines (less than 12.5%) compared to the conventional ones, which is a plus point if you are looking for a healthier alternative.

Wine experts believe that the lower the alcohol content in wines, the better is its taste. 

Hence, natural wines are popularly consumed because they lack alcohol content like non-alcoholic wines, nor do you suffer the worst hangover from high alcohol content wines. 

2. No added additives

It is a well-known fact that commercialized wines have a lot of additives starting from the color of the wine.

For consumer appeal, many manufacturers of conventional wine add food coloring to make the wine look darker or more aesthetic-looking. 

While food coloring is entirely safe for consumption, excess amounts, in the long run, give your body no benefit.

Instead, it may cause harm to your body because most of them contain a lot of sugar that can indirectly cause other illnesses and diseases such as diabetes.

Commercial yeast is another additive that is a culprit of those terrible morning hangovers.

For a speedy production, many manufacturers use yeast, but this creates a health block for many people, especially those who have histamine intolerance. 

The worst additive would be the pesticide and herbicide tracings found in many conventional wines.

These come up because the winemakers use these chemicals in the vineyards to keep pests away.

As a result, the fruit produced in these vineyards is unsafe for human consumption.

3. Natural probiotics

When you look at the composition of natural wines, they are devoid of any artificial chemicals which might be harmful to the body.

Instead, they are filled with good bacteria that can help fight any infection in your gut and digestive system.

Natural wines are “living” products, which means that there is a high chance for these kinds of wine to enhance your microbiome.

Natural wines have the same benefit as consuming food items like kimchi or sauerkraut, suitable for your digestive system since they reduce inflammation and protect your organs from potential pathogen attacks.

On that side, it’s not recommended that you completely negate the consumption of probiotics from other food items and stick only to wine.

You may occasionally drink natural wine for both pleasure and its benefit to your body.

Still, excessive drinking can have the opposite effect that probiotics have on your body.

4. Nutritional value

Typically all grapes have antioxidants; however, the content is not equal in every harvest.

It is known that the darker the color of the wine, the more is the polyphenol content in the wine.

This antioxidant is what protects grapes from potential bacteria infestation during the farming process.

And we all know that the healthier the grapes, the better the quality of the wine. 

However, polyphenol production is very minimal when it comes to commercialized/ conventional wine.

The main reason behind this is that commercial wines are grown by using artificial ingredients and chemicals that don’t allow the growth of these beneficial antioxidants.  

Polyphenols are known to help your body fight free radicals, which will prevent the onset of many diseases in the long run, such as dementia.

Studies have shown that people who drink wine have a lower mortality rate of 34% than those who drink other alcohol/spirits and beer.

So when it comes to consuming alcohol, you should be wary of what the possible side effects are to avoid life-threatening diseases. 

5. No after-effects

When it comes to organic wines, you don’t have to worry about getting a hangover or dealing with headaches once you enjoy a night of wine drinking.

The sulfites in conventional/commercial wine cause headaches and hangovers. However, it is devoid of such chemicals when you consume organic wines.

Hence, you don’t get the harmful after-effects. 

In the long run, research shows that sulfites may cause breathing problems.

There is also the possibility that you might be allergic to sulfites, leading to more destructive issues for your body. 

The content of sugar is also a contributing factor in wine consumption that causes bad hangovers and headaches.

Making organic wine does not involve the usage of anything artificial, so sugar is not an ingredient that is used. 

Overall, the lack of chemical usage makes organic wines a healthier version of alcohol that you can consume without worrying about adverse side effects the next day. 

“The original promise of natural wine was that wine can be exciting and full of discovery, without pretension or gate-keeping.” (Rafa G F, Beverage Director Blondeau Bar)

Best practices: Drinking natural wine

Natural wines are considered the Best wine to drink because they are healthy, tasty, and sustainable.

What if we tell you that you elevate this experience a step further?

Let’s take a look at some of the best wine practices to have an enjoyable wine drinking session.

  • Invest in Wine coolers to store your wine for longer durations without losing its authentic flavors. If you’re an avid wine drinker, consider getting a freestanding wine fridge that will help maintain the ideal temperature for wines.
  • Use a proper wine opener that is simple and easy to utilize. 


Does wine contain more alcohol than beer?

Commercial wine has almost 50% more alcohol content than beer.

Natural wines have between 9%-11% alcohol content, while beers typically have 5%.

Which demographic consumes the most bottles of natural wine?

Natural wine consumers in Europe make up 78%, while America makes up the remaining 12% of the global wine industry.

Can I make sangria out of natural wine?

Yes, you can make sangrias out of wine, but the best options are Pinot Noir or a Garnacha.

Which bar in Williamsburg offers natural wines?

  • Strange Ways
  • Bar Blondeau
  • Gertie
  • and Winona’

…are some bars in Williamsburg that offer natural wines. 

What are some of the best natural wine brands?

  • Bosman Fides
  • Frey Vineyards
  • Château Barouillet

…and Meinklang.

Is there natural wine online delivery in NYC?

You can get all kinds of alcohol and spirits delivered in NYC, including natural wines.

What are natural wine stores near me?

  • Henry’s Wine & Spirit
  • Fiona’s Lit Drinks
  • Liquid Assets

…and The Natural Wine Company are some popular places that serve natural wines in Brooklyn.


You can see the natural wines consumption increasing with the facts on how much natural wine is being sold every year (estimated 1 billion bottles by 2022).

Natural wine is quickly becoming one of the most coveted alcohol drinks.

With the surge in demands and production, you will find a culture of natural wines increasing in almost every convenience store and bar across Brooklyn.

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