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Expecting? Try These Top 3 Non-Alcoholic Wines for a Safe Sip

Whether it is safe for women to drink alcohol or not while pregnant is an ongoing, non-conclusive debate.

The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology states that no alcohol is safe for women when pregnant.

This statement was birthed out of research that found that mothers who drank when pregnant had a higher tendency to birth babies with mental and developmental defects.

Since it is generally accepted that drinking alcohol is not safe in any amount when pregnant, the only way to satisfy those cravings is to go for non-alcoholic wines.

Non-alcoholic wines are made differently than alcoholic wines, and they go through an intense process of de-alcoholizing.

In fact, making non-alcoholic wine is very similar to making regular wine.

The only difference is that the wines go through an entire process to remove the alcohol from the wine once it is made.

Generally, winemakers use different methods like filtration and distillation to remove the alcohol entirely from the wine, but it can also depend on the different processes that each winemaker adopts.

In this article, we will be discussing the top three Non-Alcoholic Wines for pregnancy and go over each item in detail.

1. St Regis Cabernet Sauvignon

The first non-alcoholic wine that we recommend is from Germany.

This alcohol-free wine is a medium-bodied beverage that has a powerful yet balanced mix of aromas and flavors. 

St. Regis has one of the top reputations for wines without alcohol.

The new take on enjoying a glass of wine without the consequences has never tasted better than a fruity and aromatic glass of St Regis Cabernet Sauvignon.

Taste Notes

At first, you will get a bold hit of cherry and black currant mixed, which is on the sweeter side with a toasty oak scent sprinkled with herbs and spices.

The St. Regis Cabernet Sauvignon is an excellent Non-Alcoholic Wine for pregnancy, and it has a smooth finish and pairs really well with savory food items like steak or a good plate of pasta.

The aftertaste is a mixture of a lot of flavors and aromas like toasty oak, chocolate, and even dark plums.

The St Regis Cabernet Sauvignon has skilfully incorporated the traditional heat that you experience in regular wines with alcohol by adding a touch of spice.

De-alcoholizing process

St Regis uses old wine-making techniques to create their wines, making them so beautiful to taste and see.

The techniques used by the winemakers have been passed down from generation to generation, making sure that the end product is one that is only delicious and nothing else.

The aging process of these wines also goes through a process of their own until they are ready for the de-alcoholizing part.

From each bottle of St Regis Cabernet Sauvignon, the alcohol molecules are taken out until you are left with just a lip-smacking bottle of non-alcoholic wine.

The very first sip is the best one! You’re hit with a burst of berry flavors like black currents, plum, and cherry.

All the initial sweetness is beautifully cut with a hint of spice and mint. The overall experience is entirely out of this world.

Typically, women should avoid all alcoholic beverages when pregnant. No amount of red wine is good for pregnancy.

However, it has also been found that women who drink during pregnancy have given birth to perfectly healthy babies.

It should be noted that damage to the fetus can happen anytime during pregnancy, so it is best to avoid any health hazards by not consuming any amount of wine when pregnant.

So choosing this non-alcoholic wine instead of a regular wine is the best option for pregnant ladies who are craving wine.

It also contains only 60 calories per glass, so it is great for pregnant ladies who want to enjoy the taste of wine during those long 9 months but also not suffer the consequences later on.

2. Sutter Home Fre Brut Champagne Non-alcoholic Wine

The smooth and dry finish of a glass of the Sutter Home Fre Brut Champagne wine is carefully handcrafted by professional winemakers using the age-old traditional methods.

It will tempt you to pour out another glass for sure.

You can pair it with a bunch of different food items such as pasta and steak or have it as it is to enjoy its full flavor.

Taste Notes

The Sutter Home Fre Brut Champagne wine is a delicate yet effervescent beverage that can elevate your mood any day.

The notes on this non-alcoholic wine are a mixture of fruity fragrances and tastes that leaves you refreshed after each sip. It’s the closest thing to real champagne.

It is bubbly and crisp at the same time, which leaves a tingly sensation on your palate.

The first sip of this will give you a fresh green apple fragrance, mixed with a hit on pear and strawberry.

De-alcoholizing process

The making of this non-alcoholic wine starts with the delicate handpicked grapes from vineyards that are dedicated to growing only the best grapes.

The growth processes of these grapes are slow, but this is what gives it the bright and crisp flavor and acidity which makes this wine one of a kind.

You might even say that this non-alcoholic wine is like a very sophisticated grape juice.

To ensure the alcohol content on this Brut Champagne wine, they use an exclusive spinning method to remove all the alcohol molecules from the wine carefully. 

Many world-renowned medical journals have stated that although wine’s effects during pregnancy are not definite, the typical advice is to avoid binge drinking and stick to 12-14 ounces of wine in a week or month.

The better option is to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages, even wine if you are pregnant.

Since there is proven research on the effects of drinking alcohol when pregnant on babies, it is better to be safe than sorry.

3. St Regis Sparkling Brut

If you go through the reviews of the St. Regis Sparkling Brut wine, you’ll find that many men have stated that their wives enjoyed the drink a lot.

Nothing can fill the void that alcoholic wines leave. If you are pregnant and craving wine, you absolutely cannot rely on grape juice, and you can’t drink regular wine.

So the next best thing is to go for non-alcoholic wines that taste close to the real ones.

It can be a surprising flavor profile for first-timers, but nothing that will make you detest the idea of non-alcoholic wine.

In fact, you may be in for a treat for choosing St Regis non-alcoholic Sparkling wine.

Although you’ll immediately know that the wine does not taste like your traditional red wine, it is not to say that it tastes terrible.

Taste Notes

When you pour yourself a glass of St. Regis Sparkling Brut wine, you can already see the crispiness of the wine.

The tree fruit nuances of this wine are what set it apart from other non-alcoholic wines.

It is made in a Chardonnay Brut that leaves your mouth feeling tingly with all the cascading bubbles.

If you are pregnant but love a good bottle of sparkling wine, there is no better option than this one.

De-alcoholizing process

Each bottle of St. Regis is home to dozens of hand-selected grapes, which have been painstakingly de-alcoholized to make it safe for drinking, even for pregnant women.

Once the wine goes through the process of alcohol removal, there is 0.0% of alcohol in the wine, making it safe for nursing mothers or pregnant ladies to consume.

A recent study has found that women can drink up to 2 glasses of wine in a week when pregnant without the risk of harming their baby.

This new study revealed that occasional drinking wasn’t harmful to the baby as it was once thought.

However, doctors who found this research have mentioned that it is best to avoid drinking, just in case something were to go wrong.

It also stated that any small amount of alcohol could be detrimental to the baby’s development in the womb, but this can increase with more amount of alcohol consumption.

You don’t have to waste your money on beverages that claim to be non-alcoholic.

Instead, you can go for this sparkling grape wine that is alcohol-free and tastes like real wine.


Non-alcoholic wines are definitely not a new thing in the world.

They have been around for years, but as the years go by, the quality of these non-alcoholic wines is getting better.

You no longer have to put up with a wine that tastes like vinegar, but you’ll be surprised at the different notes when you taste it.

Pregnancy can come with many cravings that sometimes you cannot ignore.

Most alcohol-free wines come with a lot of added sugar, so make sure that you pick the one that has less sugar and more natural ingredients.

Leave a comment on which non-alcoholic wine you think is the best out of these.

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