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Top 10 Authentic Things Families With Kids Can Do In Panama City Beach (The Ultimate Guide)

Panama City beach is a popular destination for families with kids who want plenty of time to have fun.

58% of American families prefer to visit Panama City beach because it’s one of the sunniest parts of America and one of the best beaches in the world.

Panama City beach is well known for having the best amusement parks, crystal clear waters, white sand, and tourist attractions sites.

PCB is located on the Gulf of Mexico coast. It’s a waterfront town and vacation destination in northwest Florida.

Let’s look at some unique things to do with kids in Panama City beach during the spring break and summer periods.

Ready for the good things to do in Panama City beach with kids?

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1. Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach is a gorgeous beach with white sand, and the crystal clear emerald waters of the Gulf are warm & calm.

There are so many activities you can enjoy with your family. Below are good examples of fun activities:

  • Jet skiing
  • Dolphin-spotting parasailing
  • Snorkeling
  • Swimming

The beach is well known for:

  • Its water is warm and friendly to kids
  • family vacation
  • clear water where you can see small fish swimming

2. Pier Park

Pier Park is located in PCB and is one of Florida’s main tourist attractions.

The park has shops, retailers, restaurants, and movie theatres which are attractive to kids and families.

The park is well-known for:

  • Great family shopping
  • Having a variety of shops and restaurants to explore.
  • Having a super movie theater and a giant Ferris wheel

3. Panama City Beach Wine

The winery is located just across the popular beach along the St. Thomas Square shopping area on Thomas drive. The property is 100% real fruit wines.

Most of these wines are made from 9 pounds of fruit in one bottle.

One of their favorite wines is watermelon slushies, key lime, and Hurricane Class 5 Sangria.

4. Gulf World Marine Park

Gulf World Marine Park is a dolphinarium located on Panama City beach and is a perfect place for families with kids to visit and explore.

They have daily show that feature dolphin, sea lions, reptiles, tropical birds, and other furry animals.

5. St. Andrews State Park

St. Andrews State Park- is a state park located 3 miles east of Panama City Beach Florida.

The best time to visit the park is in July, August, September, October, and December since it is not overcrowded.

The park has clear and clean water which you can snorkel to see the beautiful fishes.

Snorkeling and the large jetty are some of the favorite activities families with kids will love.

The park is well-known for

  • Having clean beach
  • Wild gators, dolphins, sharks, mana rays, and deer
  • Having a lagoon area for snorkeling
  • Easy access to local hotels or condos

6. ZooWorld Zoological Conservatory

ZooWorld Zoological Conservatory is located on a beautiful Panama City beach. The zoo has over 260 animals.

The zoo is amazingly clean and easy to navigate around with your family.

When you visit the Zoo, you will have a chance to learn more about sloths, and lemurs and feed the animals.

The Zoo is well-known for

  • Petting and feeding an animal of your choice
  • Experiencing the budgie encounter
  • having affordable gift shops
  • holding birthday parties

7. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not is an American franchise founded by Robert Ripley. The franchise is an amazing family entertainment attraction in the world.

The place is well known for:

  • it’s great for a rainy day
  • titanic exhibit
  • being friendly for all ages
  • having full oddities

8. SkyWheel Panama City Beach

SkyWheel Panama City Beach is an exciting family attraction located at the pier park in Panama City beach.

What I like about the Skywheel is that they give you time to take pictures. It’s a great place to have an amazing family picture.

The only drawback is that it’s a bit expensive. The venue features the best entertainment activities, like a snack shack and the Skywheel. The place is open for all ages.

9. Shell Island

Shell island is the best island you can visit in PCB. The views and scenery are worth the trip.

The water is clear, which you can use for snorkeling. You can rent a pontoon boat for the day and drive yourself down the bayside.

Before you rent a pontoon, make sure you check their reviews otherwise, you will end up getting a raw deal.

10. Coconut Creek Family Fun Park

Coconut Creek Family Fun Park is a venue that offers 18-hole putt-putt courses and a giant size human maze.

The place is located in Panama City Beach in the Northwest Florida Panhandle.

Visit the park and enjoy the great experience of being challenged by playing coconut creeks, mini gold course, and navigation skills in finding your way out through the giant gran maze.

Quick Summary: If you want to do more in Panama City Beach, I’d encourage you to hire a car that will help you navigate around the city with your family.

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