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7 Reasons Why French Women Are Not Craving The PortoVino Wine Purse

This is a guest contribution from Shannon Kim.

They say “Life is too short to drink bad wine”, and visiting Paris after the long pandemic only complemented the idea more.

Basking in the sun as I sit at a table outside the popular café de Flore, the French lady next to my table comments, “beau sac“!

I noticed my mauve-colored Portovino wine purse sitting on the table, beaming under the afternoon sun.

Because I know wine is a social lubricant, I immediately flipped the flap of my purse and showed her the wine dispenser, proudly indicating that I had a hidden wine sac in my tote bag.

The French lady exclaimed, “Oh no,” and I couldn’t unsee her furrowed eyebrows followed by a disappointed face.

I offered her a glass of my best wine stored in the purse, but she replied, “merci beaucoup.”

The ordeal stayed with me the whole trip as I wondered why French women didn’t seem impressed by the PortoVino wine purse.

For starters, I was thrilled when a friend recommended it because imagine carrying a bottle of your favorite wine as you shop haute couture in the streets of Paris!

But after a few tête-à-têtes with French fashionistas, I came up with 7 reasons why the brains of French women are not craving the PortoVino wine purse.

1. Not stylish enough

The design of the PortoVino wine purse reminds you of a classic-style tote bag, but the idea of roaming the Parisian streets with a handbag with a tap doesn’t quite suit French women’s tastes.

No doubt, it is a highly practical wine purse that comes with varied colors to match any outfit, but it is not in a high-street fashion.

Also, the purse has a whole formal look which may not suit a casual beach day look as much as a generic beach bag.

Hence, French women don’t find the purse à la mode enough!

2. No-cross body strap

Think about the weight of two bottles of wine on your shoulder.

Welcome numb shoulders! The wine purse does not come with a cross-body strap, making it inconvenient for long walks on the streets!

A cross-body strap would have made it easier to carry the purse around for long journeys; even if this is one of the reasons you don’t prefer this purse, then check out bella vita bags for better recommendations.

3. Not very practical

Wine lovers will love the idea of carrying their favorite wine wherever they go.

But, is it really necessary to carry good wine in France?

I ask this because the whole world knows the reputation of France in the wine industry.

Go to any small town bar, and you will likely be served some of the best wines in France.

Therefore, French women say that since finding good wine in the country is not an issue, carrying a wine clutch may not be that good of an idea!

4. Not for every type of wine

The different types of wine drinks these days are unimaginable.

In many of the reviews by French women, most of them mentioned that the PortoVino wine purse is not suitable for carrying sangria.

And I agree with that!

With wines that have fruits, vegetables, or even flowers, the PortoVino purse won’t be a good choice because the tap is not wide enough.

The pieces of fruits or vegetables may get stuck even if the purse comes with spout.

Also, there are chances of the fruits turning acidic when they are kept inside a bag for long.

Hence, this wine purse does not make it to the list of French women’s favs!

5. Slow flow rate

Yes, this wine purse may not give you your glass of wine in a jiffy! The tap dispenses liquid at a slow flow rate, and it may take a few minutes to fill a glass.

Well, it may disappoint you big time when you are on the run! Also, things may worsen if there isn’t much wine left in your bag’s compartments.

6 No to drinking wine from a purse

The whole idea of drinking wine from a purse doesn’t sit well with French women.

The way their society and culture functions are very different from other parts of the world.

Drinking wine directly from a wine purse may seem like a social faux pas for French women.

Therefore, you will hardly spot a French woman with a PortoVino wine purse walking down the streets.

7. Need for glasses

It’ll probably be easier to carry a bottle of wine and drink from it directly rather than fill it in a bag and carry glasses to drink with.

Micheline R. Ramos rightly said this about wine- “Sip, Swirl, Swallow”! Now, for most women, including the French, drinking wine in wine glasses completes the full experience of it.

But, when you have a PortoVino wine purse, it may not be feasible for you to carry glasses with you always, let alone wine glasses.

The top 7 reasons pretty much sum up why French women are not into the PortoVino wine purse.

In fact, the purse seems to attract non-French women more, given the fact that it looks like any other tote bag women carry.

Take the example of Jennifer Goldstein, a former employee of Marie Claire who faced unamusing looks from French women because of her PortoVino wine purse.

One of the ladies even let out a tongue-clicking sound to express her disappointment as Goldstein displayed her prized possession.

She shares how she and her friend faced the brunt of cold stares from French women when they began drinking directly from the tap fixed on the bag.

The reason for doing this was because they couldn’t wait for their glasses to get filled via the valve opening!

The writer ends by expressing how no one in France will drink wine from your purse, and hence you should just stop asking!

Would anybody want the PortoVino Wine Purse?

Definitely yes! And I say this because this wine purse kept not just my wine but other alcoholic drinks safe and fresh during my holiday trip.

When you are on the go in France, you may not always get the chance to stop by a bar and get a drink

 But, the PortoVino wine purse made it possible for me!

Also, the famous saying by Len Evans-“You have only so many bottles in your life, never drink a bad one,” pretty much reiterates the need for good wine all the time!

And let’s not forget the 100% vegan leather the bag is made of and the insulated compartments in the bag.

There is also the ease of drinking wine anywhere without looking for a wine opener!

The wine purse boasts of being a tote bag that discreetly holds your alcohol stash as well as your other essentials.

Take it for your shopping or even holiday trips, and you won’t be deprived of good wine wherever you are.

It gives you the option to either add a non-alcoholic wine or any other beverage of your choice.

The polka-dotted lining conceals the wine pack that is inside the insulated compartments.

These packs can be washed and reused many numbers of times.

Therefore, if you think you are going to love this bag, then head on to Amazon and get your stylish PortoVino wine purse today!

You will find some of the best deals on Amazon if you buy during the offer season.

The brand even offers a happiness guarantee to all its customers. If you are not happy with the product, then you can simply request a return, and your money will be refunded.

The brand aspires to give back to society by giving a day’s meal to a child every time you make a purchase.

Also, you should know that there is also a PortoVino canvas wine bag that looks trendier than the others.

It acts as a good accessory when you are going to the beach or a casual brunch with friends.


I reached my room and pondered over if getting a PortoVino wine purse and carrying it around in Paris was a good idea.

Truth be told, I was impressed with the choice I made.

For tourists like me in Paris, spotting a good wine may not be very easy, so you must grab the first chance you get in storing the wine you just discovered.

The PortoVino wine purse bag is known to not give any weird smell to your alcohol nor get frayed with longer use.

Instead, the bag is being followed as a trend among those who love wines.

While there are mixed reviews on if this wine purse is the right one to keep, the wine purse is also known to be one of the best wine coolers on the market today!

So, what do you think about this bag?

Should you get one?

If yes/no, please mention why.

Also, tell us if you believe in what Anthelme Brillat-Savrin said- “A meal without wine is like a day without sun” do you agree?

Leave your answers in the space below!

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