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17 Things About SafetyWing Travel Insurance That’ll Surprise, Discourage and Delight You in 2023

Today I’m going to share 17 things digital nomads should know about Safetywing travel insurance.

If traveling and writing is your passion, then you’ll love this post. Before you travel you need to factor travel insurance into your traveling budget.

Currently, some countries don’t allow travelers without travel insurance.

Before you decide to go with Safetywing or another travel nomad insurance company, make sure you read the below 17 facts.

Also within the post, you’ll see real-life experiences from digital nomads who have experienced the worst and good service from Safetywing insurance providers.

Ready for surprises, frustrations, and good things about Safetywing?

If yes, let’s jump right into the points.

What Is SafetyWing

Safetywing is a travel and medical insurance company that focuses on digital nomads, independent remote workers, long term travelers, and backpackers.

The company has global coverage that covers people of all ages regardless of their plan. The company was founded in Norway and is currently based in San Francisco.

Safetywing is well known for offering remote travel health insurance products to cover digital nomads and people working remotely.

Regardless of where you live, the company has a plan for you.

Now that you know what Safetywing nomad insurance is, let’s look at 17 things that will guide you in making the right decision on whether to sign up with Safetywing or NOT.

1. Claim Process Is Super Slow

One of my digital nomad friends was impressed with Safetywing reviews and their 45-day claim process guaranteed.

But my digital nomad friend needed minor hand surgery and Safteywing took more than 45 days to review his claim. My friend has been following up consistently and he is being promised his issue will be looked upon.

2. They Are Resellers

Do you know who is a reseller?


A reseller is an individual or company that buys goods or services with an intention of selling them to their customers at a profit.

Safetywing is a reseller for Worldtrips.com. World Trips insurance company is widely known for taking people’s money and not paying claims.

3. Unreasonable Excuses For Not Paying Claims

Most people who have been putting requests for claims are painting a picture of a company that issues unreasonable excuses for not paying claims to their customers.

One of my friends in Thailand was admitted to the hospital with a spontaneous disease and the medical doctors told him that Safetywing was bargaining with the hospital not to pay the full amount of his treatment.

Secondly, Peter King Yongelee a remote worker in Australia had an awkward experience with Safetywing. Peter was in Australia and had a severe stomach issue, leading him to seek medical services in an Australian hospital. Peter was treated and he was billed $1300. Peter went through the claim process and after the waiting period, peter was refunded $500 which was frustrating.

But interestingly Safetywing travel medical insurance works for other people. Modi Jakes from Bangkok was in the hospital and immediately Safetywing paid out $3000 worth of medical expenses.

4. It’s Expensive for Older Generation

The older you are the more premium you’ll pay.

Senior travelers pay more per month than 30-year-old travelers. It covers up to 69 years old. If you’re 70 years old, I’d recommend you check World Nomads.

5. Permanent Address

Safetywing does not require a permanent address like World Nomads.

6. Covid-19 Coverage

They cover for covid-19 as long as it was not acquired before your coverage start date.

Please note Safetywing will not cover the cost of Covid -19 test unless the attending physician feels it’s necessary for you to get a covid 19 test.

7. Affordable

Compared with World Nomads, Safteywing is affordable and manageable. Pricing starts from $42 but it will become expensive to people over the age of 50.

8. Evacuations

When it comes to political evacuation, Safetywing will cover the cost of transport to the nearest country of safety.

Please note there are some conditions you need to meet before being evacuated for political reasons.

  • You need to contact Safetywing within 10 days of the warning being issued.
  • The US department has issued a travel advisory after you have landed at your travel destination.
  • Before the travel advisory was issued, you need to have been covered.

9. Trip Cancellation

They don’t cover trip cancellation, it only covers trip interruption of up to $5000 and travel delay.

In case you need to return back home due to a family emergency or emergency medical evacuation, Safetywing will cover the cost of trip interruption up to $5000.

Please note for you to claim it, you’ll need to provide sufficient proof for these events.

10. Sports Coverage

It doesn’t cover extreme sports. Below are some examples of sports activities that are not covered:

  • Snorkeling
  • Swimming
  • Trekking
  • Yachting
  • Mountain biking
  • Safari tours
  • Skiing

Below are sports and activities included within the Safetywing policy:

  • Parasailing/Parachuting
  • All-Terrain Vehicles
  • Spelunking
  • Martial Arts
  • Whitewater Rafting

11.  Electronics

Unfortunately, it doesn’t cover electronics. If you want your electronics covered, I’d recommend world nomads travel insurance.

Make sure you take care of your personal gadgets when making travel plans.

12. Scooters and Motorbikes

If you love riding scooters or motorbikes, rest assured you’ll be covered. As we all know, most travel insurance providers don’t cover Motorbikes and Scooters, this is where Safetywing has an advantage. Please note, if you get into an accident due to intoxication, Safetywing will not pay.

13. Countries Not Covered

They do not offer insurance coverage for Cuba, North Korea, or Iran.

14. Deductible/Extra

When you make your first claim in a given year, Safetywing will deduct $250 as a deductible/extra.

15. Remote Health Coverage

Safetywing remote health insurance covers illness and accidental injuries. This product is perfect for people who are working remotely and long term travelers.

16. Checked Luggage

Safetywing does not cover personal items, but In terms of lost luggage, Safetywing will only cover checked luggage that has been lost after it has been checked in.

17. Emergency Medical Evacuation

You will be covered for emergency medical evacuation up to $100,000 with no deductible.

The attending physician will need to recommend the evacuation for it to happen.

Let’s look at Safetywing Alternatives

There are a lot of travel insurance companies you can choose from, but I have listed the below insurance providers as the best Safetywing alternatives travel insurance you can choose from.

1. Geo-Blue – The best thing about Geo-Blue is that it covers single-trip medical coverage abroad. They are super helpful when it comes to emergency overseas cases. They are reliable and quick in responding to customer issues.

2. World Nomads Their medical evacuation policy is super reliable and from my honest review, world nomads insurance works well with women traveling solo and people who are looking for long travel plans.

3. True Traveller The insurance provider is a convenient company that also works with digital nomads. The only challenge is that it’s only available for UK and EU residents and it’s expensive for shorter trips.

4. HeymondoThe insurance provider, offers comprehensive coverage including multi-trip, single trip, and long stay, and doesn’t cover as many adventure activities but is one of the long term travel insurance providers.

5. Medjet Medjet is well known for offering extensive medical transport coverage both locally and abroad and it’s only available in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

6. Insure My TripInsure My Trip is not an insurance company, it’s a comparison site that helps travelers choose the best plan for their travel. The only drawback, it acts as a middleman on behalf of parent companies.

7. IMG Global – IMG Global is an international insurance company offering its customers multiple travel insurance options. What I noted about IMG global is that if you’re willing to risk your extra, your insurance plan will be extremely cheap.

Is Safetywing Reliable?

For older people from 70 years old not reliable. Besides the claim process and unreasonable excuses, I can confidently say, Safetywing is good for long term travelers and remote workers.

Key Takeaways

1. Safetywing is not a good travel insurance company for short-term digital nomads. Don’t be scammed by influencers who are promoting Safetywing brand on YouTube and other social media platforms.

2. Safetywing is only good when you don’t request your claim.

3. Make sure you are covered upfront for a costly medical emergency procedure.

4. Safetywing nomad insurance policy renews on a monthly basis for one year. If you want to cancel it, you can reach out to their customer care team at any time for cancellation.


From my honest Safetywing travel insurance review, you can see the company has a number of disgruntled and a few happy customers.

If you have used Safetywing as your travel insurance provider, please share your experience in the comment box below.

I hope the Safetywing review will help you make an informed decision on whether to sign up with the provider or not.

Remember to share your experience!

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