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Are Digital Nomads Loving Or Hating SafetyWing? Here’s What I Learned About Travel and Medical Insurance

SafetyWing recently hit the headlines as its CEO, Sondre Rasch, offered £17,000 (20,961 USD) to one lucky person to travel to 10 destinations around the world. 

But this amazing once-in-a-lifetime offer is not the only reason why SafetyWing is well known in the travel insurance ecosystem. 

Travel health insurance from a credible insurance provider is paramount for digital nomads because medical expenses in a foreign country can be very expensive. 

SafetyWing travel insurance is one such company that is well known among short and long term travelers that work remotely.

This travel insurance company with offices in the US and Norway have two packages – SafetyWing Remote health insurance and Insurance for Nomads.

I recently got an opportunity to travel and work, so I decided to check out the company and found several interesting posts, and I am sharing them today.

This is not a typical SafetyWing travel insurance review but what I learned during my research for travel insurance before traveling to Izmir

If you are a digital nomad, this post will help you:

  • Understand what is SafetyWing nomads insurance and what its users say
  • Learn about SafetyWing travel insurance
  • Decide if SafetyWing is the right travel insurance provider for you 

In addition, I have included case studies and real-life experiences of people using SafetyWing insurance during their world trips. 

This post is going to be a lot of fun, so let’s get started. 

Digital nomads love SafetyWing travel insurance, according to several first-hand reports and independent reviews. Regular customers of this insurance company praise how easy it was to make a claim and the extensive coverage.

Of course, there is also a travel insurance report by a SafetyWing user that was not satisfactory, which I will get into further down the post.

First, let’s take Enelin Paas’ case study, for example

Paas is a remote worker and an avid traveler who tripped and fell during a travel trip in Rio De Janerio. After initially dismissing the pain in her toe for several days, she was treated for inflammation and pain by a doctor and was put on a course of antibiotics. 

Naturally, Enelin’s visit to the doctor and the medicine cost money – $108.80, to be precise. 

But luckily, she was fully insured under the SafetyWing nomad insurance, so she simply had to make a claim with the company. All Enelin required was the receipts from the hospital and the pharmacy. 

Within 24 hours of putting up her travel medical insurance claim, SafetyWing replied with acknowledgment, which speaks to the company’s efficient service. SafetyWing settled the medical insurance within one month of putting up her claim. 

Enelin Pass states in her case study that she sent out just one email to SafetyWing during the entire claim process. Tracking the status of her claim with the insurance coverage was also very effortless, which made it convenient and stress-free. 

From Enelin’s experience, SafetyWing makes it very easy to process a medical claim, putting the company on par with top names such as IMG Global and Atlas International. 

Apart from a solo traveler like Enelin Paas, several digital nomad couples also have success stories with SafetyWing travel insurance. Let me take you through them. 

Joel and Michelle of the Wandering Hartz

The digital nomad couple travels extensively and has been to several places, including Ireland, France, Hawaii, and Austria. For all their work/travel trips, the couple uses the Nomad Insurance package from SafetyWing. 

And going by the in-depth comparison of policy benefits between their credit card and SafetyWing’s coverage, it was not a decision they made lightly. 

According to the couple, SafetyWing is a total winner because of the following reasons. 

1. Extensive coverage 

SafetyWing has one of the most extensive coverages, including:

  • Accidents
  • Personal liability
  • Trip interruption
  • Trip delay
  • Lost luggage
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Kidnapping/crisis response
  • Lost/stolen visa and passport
  • Emergency reunion
  • Political evacuation 
  • Coverage for kids aged 14 days to 10 years 
  • Short and long term travel coverage

2. Flexibility 

The traveling couple also shares in their SafetyWing review that the monthly option from SafetyWing is a fantastic option as it offers them flexibility as they create adventure stories.

The monthly coverage from SafetyWing renews automatically after 28 days, making it a perfect coverage plan for a true traveler that is frequently on the move. 

Of course, you can also combine SafetyWing remote health with your credit card travel benefits to maximize your medical coverage. 

3. Reliability 

The nomad insurance from SafetyWing is also administered by one of the biggest companies in the insurance industry – Tokio Marine, making it a reliable source for medical coverage, especially while traveling.

Lars and Shelley of Lifejourney4two

The avid travelers from Australia have been to over 39 countries, including the UK, Norway, Uzbekistan, Iceland, and South Africa. Lars and Shelley have also been featured on several travel platforms, including a number of podcasts and the Lonely Planet.

The couple uses the SafetyWing travel insurance plan for all their remote health insurance coverage.

The long term traveler duo also uses a lot of expensive photographic equipment to document and share their global experiences, and SafetyWing fits the job perfectly. 

Here’s why Lars and Shelly rely on SafetyWing nomad insurance for their adventures:

1. Automatic Renewal 

SafetyWing cover that comes with automatic renewal after every 28 days is a hit for travelers who are frequently on the move.

The monthly plan keeps renewing automatically every 28 days, making it easy to transition between travel plans. 

Their positive experience echoes the sentiments of Joel and Michelle, meaning that SafetyWing’s monthly renewal is a plan that works for bloggers and digital nomads.

2. Unlimited purchasing option 

Another reason why SafetyWing is a top choice for the couple is the ability to get insurance whenever they want.

Most insurance companies allow customers to use their policies for only two years, which means that once your plan/term is over, you need to start looking for another company.

With SafetyWing, you can choose long term travel insurance until you are 69 years old, which eliminates the need to consider options very often.

As Lars and Shelly put it, the unlimited re-purchasing option is a huge relief if traveling is a priority on your list of things to do

3. Medical coverage when you return to your home country

SafetyWing travel medical insurance also has coverage if you visit your home country during/after your travel expeditions.

SafetyWing offers 30 days of medical emergency coverage for most countries, while in the US, you get 15 days. 

This is a fantastic offer since most countries will only make it eligible for you to qualify for medical insurance after you stay at least six months at a stretch.

In this regard, SafetyWing wins hands down for being the most convenient help for digital nomads.

4. Downloadable visa letter

SafetyWing also makes it possible to download a visa letter that you can use as proof of medical insurance.

This is a great help since an increasing number of countries ask for travel insurance before entering the country. 

Here’s a first-hand experience from Nate Hake – a digital nomad from Colorado

Nate Hake has been to more than 65 countries and loves travel blogging, and sharing his experiences.

Several of his travel adventures published on TravelLemming.com have been featured on the Lonely Planet, NBC News, and more. 

Hake says that SafetyWing nomads insurance is his choice whether it is his trip to Mexico, Asia, Europe, or another part of the planet.

So imagine his disappointment when SafetyWing decided to scrap the Covid-19 coverage from their plan at the start of 2022. 

SafetyWing implies on its website that the nomad insurance plan has Covid-19 coverage, but it actually does not. 

Nate’s point of contention with SafetyWing is the lack of Covid-19 coverage, but he is also hopeful that the company will review its policy.

He also shares that SafetyWing is one of the few travel insurers who truly understands digital nomads’ needs. 

You can read Nate’s full explanation here if you are interested.

SafetyWing travel insurance – My take on their plans

By all standards, SafetyWing is a credible company with years of providing reliable insurance to people all over the world.

The insurance pricing versus the coverage from SafetyWing is one of the best insurers in the industry. 

In addition to the SafetyWing customer experience I shared above, I think the travel insurer is worth checking out. 

1. Good reviews 

SafetyWing enjoys a 4.4 rating on Trustpilot, with up to 78% of 5-star reviews from overjoyed and satisfied customers.

The reviews reveal that this travel insurer covers everything from checked luggage, and medical evacuation, to equipment and reading glasses.

Companies can edit reviews on their official site but manipulating them on third-party platforms is impossible.

So the stellar reviews from SafetyWing customers on review sites and independent reviews are a testament to its reliability and quality of service. 

2. Great customer service 

The customer service team at SafetyWing also has several high praises from many reviewers sharing their experience.

Several customers that interacted with the customer services reps talked about the professional and friendly way the team handles every situation. 

My interaction with SafetyWing’s customer agent was as expected: they answered all my queries and were very friendly too. SafetyWing contact lines/online help are open 24/7.

3. Seamless interface

This international travel insurance provider also has a user-friendly interface so you can easily sign up, put forward a claim, or cancel.

SafetyWing’s site is pretty easy to navigate, and the clean interface and website design make it easy to find your way even as a first-time user. 

4. Extensive coverage 

SafetyWing insurance policies come with extensive coverage, making it easily one of the best in the industry.

If, like me, you travel to different parts of the globe and sometimes wonder if you will live until morning because of the precarious conditions, SafetyWing is a reliable option.

In the post-pandemic world, traveling is no longer about a bedtime adventure, and you want to be sure you are safe under all circumstances.

SafetyWing can get you through a medical evacuation, treatment, or even an instance of bad karma, causing you to fall during an enjoyable trip. 

5. Quick service 

Putting forward a claim with SafetyWing and their quick response to it is another great feature of the company.

The insurer makes it easy for you to track the claim status, which is not available with several companies that provide travel insurance. 

6. Covid-19 Coverage

Safetywing provides coverage for COVID-19 the same as any other illness—as long as it was not contracted before your coverage start date and does not fall within any other policy exclusions or limitations. The maximum coverage for Covid-19 is the same as the policy maximum:

  • $250,000 USD for ages 64 and below
  • $100,000 USD for ages 65-69.

Testing for COVID-19 (PCR test) will only be covered if medically necessary and ordered by a physician. The antibody test is not covered, as it is not medically necessary. They have the Emergency Quarantine Indemnity benefit which provides $50 per day for up to 10 days. It would be available if you have coverage for more than 28 days and if the other conditions are fulfilled.

Final thoughts

To sum up, SafetyWing is a trusted travel insurer that is the choice of many short and long term travelers.

Their nomad and remote health insurance packages hit a good balance of reasonable pricing and great coverage and I can see why it is a hit among digital nomads. 

The customer service at SafetyWing is also very commendable because putting forward an insurance claim and successfully getting it is a great challenge for many companies. 

I think SafetyWing has all the ingredients that make it a reliable company for global citizens who love nothing more than the next big adventure. 

Would you say SafetyWing insurance for international travelers is a good choice for you? Or do you think otherwise?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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