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SafetyWing vs WorldNomads: A Detailed Look at Two Popular Travel Insurance Providers

Comparing travel insurance providers can be like comparing apples to oranges – each provider has its unique features, benefits, and drawbacks.

In this article, we will compare and contrast two popular travel insurance providers: SafetyWing vs WorldNomads.

SafetyWing is like the younger sibling who is still growing, but with a lot of potential. They are a relatively new player in the market, founded in 2017.

On the other hand, WorldNomads is like the older sibling who has been around for a while and has established itself as a trusted provider in the industry since 2002.

The purpose of this article is to provide readers with a brief overview of both SafetyWing and WorldNomads, highlighting their similarities, differences, strengths, and weaknesses.

By the end of this article, readers will have a better understanding of which provider suits their specific travel needs.

If you’re planning a trip, you need travel insurance to protect yourself from any unforeseen events, such as accidents, illnesses, or theft.

Reading this post will help you make an informed decision about which travel insurance provider is right for you.

Now that we’ve introduced the purpose of this article, let’s dive into the comparison of SafetyWing and WorldNomads

Introducing: SafetyWing vs WorldNomads

Coverage & BenefitsSafetyWingWorld Nomads
Travel Insurance CompaniesTravel Insurance Showdown: SafetyWing vs WorldNomadsA Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Between SafetyWing and WorldNomads
Medical expensesOffers coverage for medical expenses incurred due to illness or injury during travel.Yes, same as Safetywing
Emergency evacuationProvides coverage for emergency medical evacuation.Yes, same as Safetywing
Trip interruptionIf your trip is interrupted due to a covered reason, such as a natural disaster, SafetyWing will reimburse you for the unused portion of your trip and any additional expenses incurred due to the interruption.Yes, same as Safetywing
Travel delayIf your trip is delayed due to a covered reason, such as a flight cancellation or severe weather, SafetyWing will reimburse you for additional expenses incurred during the delay, such as food, lodging, and transportation.Yes, same as Safetywing
Lost or stolen baggageIf your luggage is lost or stolen during your trip, SafetyWing will reimburse you for the cost of replacing your belongings.Yes, same as Safetywing
Personal liabilitySafetyWing offers coverage for personal liability, which means that if you accidentally cause injury or damage to a third party during your travels, SafetyWing will cover the costs of any legal fees or compensation.Yes, same as Safetywing
COVID-19 coverageSafetyWing offers coverage for medical expenses and emergency medical evacuation related to COVID-19.The last time I checked, it does not cover COVID-19
Remote telemedicineSafetyWing offers access to remote telemedicine services, which means that you can consult with a doctor online if you need medical advice during your travels.World Nomads provides access to travel safety resources, including safety advice and travel alerts, to help you stay safe during your travels.
24/7 customer supportSafetyWing offers 24/7 customer support, so you can contact them anytime if you need assistance or have any questions.Yes, same as Safetywing
Automatic RenewalSafetyWing automatically renews your policy every 28 days, so you don’t have to worry about remembering to renew it yourself.World Nomads offers flexibility in their policies, including the ability to extend coverage or make changes to your policy while traveling.

Price and Value

When it comes to pricing structures, SafetyWing and WorldNomads differ slightly in their approaches.

  • SafetyWing offers a subscription-based model, where travelers pay a monthly fee for coverage that can be extended or canceled at any time. The basic plan starts at $37 per month and includes medical and travel-related benefits such as emergency medical evacuation, trip interruption, and lost luggage. For an additional fee, travelers can add coverage for high-risk activities like extreme sports or adventure travel.
  • WorldNomads, on the other hand, offers plans that are priced based on the length of travel and destination. The cost can vary depending on the traveler’s age, the countries they are visiting, and the activities they plan to do. Travelers can choose from two levels of coverage: Standard and Explorer. The Standard plan offers basic coverage for medical expenses and trip protection, while the Explorer plan includes additional benefits such as emergency medical transportation and coverage for adventure activities. The price for a 10-day trip can range from $80 to $300, depending on the factors mentioned above.
When it comes to value, both SafetyWing and WorldNomads offer comprehensive coverage and benefits that are tailored to the needs of travelers.

SafetyWing’s subscription-based model may be more cost-effective for longer trips, as travelers can pay a fixed monthly fee rather than a larger lump sum upfront.

However, WorldNomads’ plans may be more flexible for travelers who are unsure about their exact travel dates or length of stay.

Factors such as age, destination, and length of travel can also affect pricing for both providers.

For example, older travelers may face higher premiums due to increased health risks, and travelers visiting countries with higher medical costs may pay more for coverage.

Additionally, travelers engaging in high-risk activities may need to pay extra for coverage or choose a plan with more comprehensive benefits.

Overall, both SafetyWing and WorldNomads offer competitive pricing and value for their respective pricing models.

Travelers should consider their specific needs and preferences when choosing between the two providers.

Customer Service and Reputation

When it comes to customer service, SafetyWing and WorldNomads both offer a range of options for travelers to access support and file claims.

  • SafetyWing provides 24/7 global customer support through a chat feature on their website or app. They also offer an online claims process where travelers can submit their claims and track their progress through the SafetyWing app. SafetyWing has received positive reviews for their customer service, with many customers praising the responsiveness and helpfulness of their support team.
  • WorldNomads also provides 24/7 customer support through their website or app, as well as a toll-free phone number for emergencies. They have an online claims process that allows travelers to submit their claims and receive updates on their status. WorldNomads has a reputation for good customer service, with many customers appreciating the ease of filing claims and the helpfulness of their support team.

In terms of reputation, both SafetyWing and WorldNomads have generally positive reviews from customers.

SafetyWing has received praise for their affordable pricing and comprehensive coverage, while WorldNomads is known for their flexibility and customization options.

However, there have been some notable incidents that may impact customer satisfaction.

  • SafetyWing faced criticism in early 2020 for their handling of claims related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some customers reported delays or denials of their claims, while others experienced difficulties canceling their subscriptions. SafetyWing has since addressed these concerns and implemented new policies to improve their handling of pandemic-related claims.
  • WorldNomads faced controversy in 2019 when a whistleblower alleged that the company was denying claims without proper investigation. The company denied these claims and conducted an investigation, but the incident raised questions about their claims handling procedures.

Overall, both SafetyWing and WorldNomads offer strong customer service options and have generally positive reputations among travelers.

However, travelers should be aware of any notable incidents or issues that may impact their experience with either provider.

Ease of Use

When it comes to user experience, both SafetyWing and WorldNomads offer user-friendly interfaces and tools to make the process of signing up, accessing coverage information, and filing claims as easy as possible.

  • SafetyWing’s website and app are designed to be straightforward and intuitive, with clear explanations of coverage options and pricing. The subscription-based model makes it easy for travelers to sign up and cancel their coverage as needed, without the hassle of dealing with a traditional insurance provider. The SafetyWing app also allows travelers to access their coverage information, file claims, and communicate with customer support.
  • WorldNomads’ website and app are similarly user-friendly, with a clear and concise interface that allows travelers to quickly find the information they need. The process of purchasing coverage is straightforward, with options for customizing coverage based on destination, activities, and other factors. The WorldNomads app also offers tools for managing coverage, accessing information about the countries being visited, and filing claims.

Both SafetyWing and WorldNomads offer mobile apps to make the travel insurance process more convenient.

The SafetyWing app allows travelers to access their coverage information, file claims, and communicate with customer support from their mobile device.

The WorldNomads app offers similar features, as well as country guides, travel safety advice, and a tool for checking the level of risk for various activities.

In terms of reviews, SafetyWing has received positive feedback for their user experience and convenience.

Many travelers appreciate the ease of signing up and canceling coverage, as well as the user-friendly app.

However, some have noted that the coverage may not be as comprehensive as other providers.

For travelers looking for alternatives to SafetyWing, there are several other providers to consider, such as:

These providers offer a range of coverage options and pricing structures to suit different needs and budgets.

It’s important for travelers to carefully consider their options and choose a provider that meets their specific needs and preferences.

Final Thoughts on Safetywing vs WorldNomads

SafetyWing and WorldNomads are both reputable providers of travel insurance, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Here are some key differences to consider:

  • Pricing: SafetyWing’s subscription-based model is often more affordable than WorldNomads, especially for longer trips.
  • Coverage: WorldNomads offers more customizable coverage options and higher limits for some benefits, while SafetyWing’s coverage may be more comprehensive in certain areas.
  • Customer service: Both providers offer 24/7 customer support and online claims processing, but SafetyWing has received higher marks for customer service in some reviews.

For travelers on a budget or those taking longer trips, SafetyWing may be the better option due to their affordable pricing and subscription-based model.

WorldNomads may be a better fit for those who need more customizable coverage or higher limits for certain benefits.

Ultimately, it’s important for travelers to carefully consider their needs and preferences before choosing a provider.

It’s also important to remember that travel insurance is a crucial aspect of any trip, as unexpected events such as accidents, illness, or trip cancellations can happen to anyone.

Choosing the right provider can give travelers peace of mind and ensure that they are protected in case of an emergency.

We encourage readers to share their thoughts and experiences with travel insurance providers in the comments below and to consider the importance of travel insurance when planning their next trip.

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