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Exploring the Dark Side of Auckland: Why Women Traveling Solo Should Exercise Caution

In many instances, Auckland is a city in New Zealand that is often mistaken as the country’s capital.

This city is a great attraction for tourists from all over the world, and rightly so because it is filled with all the wonders of New Zealand’s beautiful landscapes.

However, there have been rising concerns over traveling solo in Auckland, specifically female solo travelers, in recent times.

While women’s safety has always been a cause for concern, especially when traveling alone as a woman, there have been a lot of reported dangers.

While New Zealand has been setting the bar high for many countries on several aspects, the safety of solo women travelers is still up for debate.

This article is about solo travel for women who love to go on trips alone because we will discuss:

  • the travel essentials
  • what to expect
  • tips on how to make the most out of solo travels safely

…as mentioned in quotes by some of the most well-known female travel bloggers.

Facts on female solo travelers:

Statistics for sole female travelers
  • Statistics show that 81% of female travelers are 45 and above, even more than 50; which means that there are more senior women traveling alone. 
  • 58% of millennials stated that they would like to travel alone, out of which 26% are millennial women who have already traveled alone.

Why is Auckland unsafe for solo female travelers?

It’s a giant leap to say that Auckland is dangerous for women traveling solo, given that New Zealand is easily one of the safest countries in the world.

However, looking at recent news, Auckland, a famous city in New Zealand, is not as secure as was once thought.

According to NewsHub, a female tourist from America lost all her belongings to thieves who looted her in Auckland.

She described her experience as something that caused a lot of panic because she was traveling alone in a new city.

After losing a lot of important things she needed for her travels, she was utterly devastated and at a loss for words on what she needed to do. 

To make matters worse, she also stated that the thieves who stole her passport and her laptop, among other things, had hacked into her bank account and used her debit cards to make purchases.

She also stated that solo travel ruined her plans to travel to Australia for her internship because of this incident.

Hence it is safe to say that this experience has created a significant setback in her life.

However, despite his horrifying incident, she assured that the incident did not tarnish the other positive experiences she had in the country because of this one incident.

Not only for tourists, but it seems that Auckland is going through a difficult time with the crime rates increasing within the community.

In another news story, a dairy store was robbed at gunpoint. While treated as a severe case, this was only one of the many break-ins that the city had encountered over the past few months.

The manager of the store, when speaking to a NewsHub Reporter, said that it wasn’t the first time that thieves had robbed the store.

This significant increase in the crime wave across Auckland is a severe cause for concern among the people and tourists. 

What are some alternative destinations to Auckland for Solo Travelers?

solo travel for women and destinations

Here is a list of the top 5 safest travel destinations to visit for solo travelers according to Heart My Backpack:

1. Tokyo in Japan

Tokyo has a lot to offer travelers with bright city life and exciting cultures to explore.

Tokyo is famous for being the safest city globally, so solo travelers don’t have to worry, even with the language barrier.

2. Zürich in Switzerland

Known for its medieval history, Zürich is a place that respects its tourists and bestows them with a healthy dose of architectural beauty.

You’ll find plenty of fun things to do here.

3. New York in USA

It is one of the safest places to visit.

The Big Apple, as it is widely known, is a place that is full of culture and diversity that holds a lot of history to explore.

4. Fredericksburg in Texas

Wineries in Texas, specifically Fredericksburg, have the best wine varieties for all wine lovers.

It is one of the best places in the state, with aesthetic buildings and vineyards that complete the scenic beauty.

5. Sikkim in India

This beautiful hill station is set in the mountains of the northern Himalayas.

It’s a cold destination with a unique culture that will make your visit unforgettable.

5 tips on how to overcome the fear of traveling alone

There are many perks to traveling alone because you get to follow your routine, take your time, and enjoy the freedom.

Solo travels also mean that you don’t have to compromise on tourist activities, site-seeing locations, and food. 

Even with all these perks, some downsides outweigh these positives, and the main one is safety.

There’s always a little bit of unease when you think about solo traveling as a woman.

Meeting new people is always a plus point of traveling, and you get to interact with diverse people and learn from them.

So when you’re on your solo travels, turn off your phone and start talking to people in real life, join retreats, stay in hostels and BnBs, and participate in group tourist activities. 

Thrifty Nomads shares some tips on overcoming the fear of traveling as a solo woman.

You can try some of these methods:

How solo female travelers can avoid fear

1. Travel to a local place alone

You already know the place, the town or city, so you can take some of the edges off even if you are alone.

Then you can slowly work your way up to the next town, the next state, etc.

2. Look for group activities

Whether planning a local or international trip, find some packages where you don’t have to do it alone. Perhaps you will meet other solo travelers you can hang out with.

3. Learn self-defense

Learning a few basic moves to keep yourself safe from harm’s way is a good idea, and you’ll be more confident knowing you have a few tricks for the worst-case scenario. 

4. Choose locations where you can do what you want

The more comfortable you are with your destination, the more fun you will have.

5. Carry a journal

As dull as it sounds, it’s a good idea to keep a book in handy, so you can write your thoughts when you feel overwhelmed.

Summary on overcoming fear of traveling alone

Solo women can overcome the fear of traveling alone by researching their destination, planning their itinerary, being aware of their surroundings, staying connected with friends and family, and taking safety precautions. This post on sexual assault safety while traveling provides additional insights on staying safe by avoiding risky behavior, being mindful of alcohol consumption, and taking advantage of hotel safety features. With preparation and mindfulness, solo women can enjoy a safe and empowering travel experience.

How to stay safe when traveling alone?

Recently there has been a new trend going around for solo travelers, group trips hosted by influencers.

The first-ever group trip was organized by Alyssa Ramos, owner of My life is a movie Blog, more than 5 years ago.

Ever since, there have been several other travel groups organized by Ramos.

On these trips, solo travelers from all over the world come together and visit places worldwide.

The first trip was to Iceland with Ramos, and now she and her solo travelers have gone to places like Egypt, Turkey, and Jordan.

What started as a group trip of just 7-8 people is now a trip consisting of more than 100 solo travelers who all come together to travel together to all corners of the world. 

There’s no shame in traveling as a group, and it’s more fun! The reason why these kinds of trips are prevalent is that they enjoy similar adventures. 

Essentials for traveling solo

According to Girl with the passport, the must-haves for a solo female traveler are:

  • Water bottle or thermos to have both hot and cold water as required by the destination.
  • Essential toiletries
  • Durable backpack with wheels
  • Portable tent
  • Comfortable buffs
  • Card games
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Change of clothes
  • Neck pillow
  • Camera if you’re into photography
  • A portable charger and cables
  • Essential applications on your phone like google maps, translators, local food apps, international online wallet, etc 


Despite the seriousness of the safety issue in Auckland, there is reason to be that there are still good people out there and that the actions of one or two people shouldn’t affect the integrity of the country.

In a blog article by Solo Traveler World, for all the stories about crimes against tourists and locals, there are countless incidents about strangers looking out for other strangers.

The blog shares the story of a traveler who got lost in a city where she didn’t know the language or any of the people, who a stranger helped by taking the time out of his day to take her where she wanted to go.

Similarly, the story of Angel, who missed her bus stop and got dropped off in a shady part of town, was rescued by a kind stranger who walked her to her destination safely.

These stories give us a glimmer of hope in a rapidly increasing world where crime rates are high.

Hopefully, there comes a day when all of this will pass, and travelers, female or male, solo or in a group, can travel wherever they want without the fear of safety and security.

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