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Believe It Or Not, These Are The Top 10 Things You Can Do In Wimberley, Texas With Your Family

Wimberley is a tiny town in Hays County, Texas that is well known for having romantic restaurants, tourist attractions, cultural activities, and recreational parks.

If you are looking for a perfect destination to travel with your kids or family, you need to add Wimberley to your traveling plans.

Despite being a small village, Wimberley has so many things to do from hiking and swimming to shopping and site-seeing.

In today’s guide, I will highlight the top things you can do in Wimberley, Texas with your family.

Before we dive into the best things you can do in Wimberley, TX, let’s define:

What Is Wimberley, Texas Known For

Wimberley is a small and vibrant town in the Texas region. According to the 2021 census, the town has approximately 3000 residents living in the area.

The small town is close to Austin and San Antonio.

Both local and international travelers love Wimberley because it’s a perfect hotspot for ziplining, hole swimming, family picnic, hiking, dining, and shopping.

Where Is Wimberley, Texas is Located

Wimberley, TX is located in the heart of Texas hill country.

If you are coming from Austin, Dallas, or San Antonio, travel to San Marcos and take the Wimberley exit.

Follow the direction which will take you to Wimberley. Approximately it will take you one hour to reach your perfect destination.


Let’s dive right in.

1. Visit Blue Hole Regional Park

Blue hole regional park is a perfect spot for kids. If you want to cool off your body, you need to visit the park.

Kindly note that if you want to swim, you will need to book early for a reservation.

Besides swimming, the Blue Hole Regional Park has other outdoor activities you can do with your family or kids.

The blue hole regional park is well known for:

  • Cooling your body while swimming
  • Family Picnic
  • Hiking
  • Having plenty of shades from the cypress trees
  • Walking trails
  • Swimming with tubes


2. Swim at Jacob’s Well

Jacob’s well is a popular attraction in Wimberley. The area is a highly visited location by local visitors.

If you want to swim you need to book a reservation from May to September. Jacob’s well is one of the best swimming holes in the Texas region.

If you are looking for a perfect weekend getaway activity, you need to visit Jacob’s well.

Jacob’s well is well known for:

  • Having a deep underground cave system
  • Having a big nature center
  • Allowing scuba divers to explore the underground
  • Viewing the spring

Contact Details

3. Visit Bella Vista Ranch

Bella Vista Ranch is a family owned business established by Jack Dougherty in 1996. Jack has a love of high-quality olive products.

If you would like to experience fresh olive oil foods, visit the Bella Vista Ranch tasting room to sample their olive oil and other gourmet foods.

Bella vista ranch is well known for:

  • Photogenic grape vineyards
  • Having romantic scenery


  • Address: 3101 Mt. Sharp Rd. Wimberley, TX 78676
  • Phone:(512) 847-6514
  • website: Bella Vista Ranch

4. Visit the Wimberley Valley Museum

If you are looking for free things to do in Wimberley, you need to visit the Wimberley Valley Museum. The museum is free and open to the public.

If you have a good heart you can help the museum by donating. The funds are used to preserve historic homes and new projects.

The museum can also be accessed through reservation. You just simply send them an email and your reservation will be booked.

5. Eat at Wimberley Restaurants

Wimberley has thriving restaurants where you can eat with your family or kids. The small town has different restaurants and from my experience, I’d recommend you try any of the below restaurants.

Durango’s Mexican Restaurant – If you love Mexican food, you will love this restaurant. The restaurant is well known for Chips, Asada, and chicken Fatijas. The restaurant is mostly visited by families with kids and couples.

Wimberley Café – Do you love hash browns? if yes, you need to eat at the restaurant. If you love your wife, you need to take her to the restaurant. When you visit the restaurant for breakfast, I’d recommend you eat their chicken sandwich.

Chill’s On The Creek – Chill’s On The Creek is the best restaurant for romantic dates. You can eat smoked stuff and brisket.

The Leaning Pear – The Leaning Pear is a popular restaurant on the river that is attractive to local residents. The restaurant is well known for having a dessert collection for its customers. If you love Reuben sandwich and Coconut Lime Panna Cotta, you need to visit the Learning Pear. It is one of my favorite restaurants in Wimberley.

If you want to know more about the best restaurants in Wimberley, read this blog post about 6 Best Romantic Restaurants In Wimberley To Eat At With Your Family

6. Take a walk at Cypress Creek Nature Preserve

Another free thing to do in Wimberley, Texas is to walk at Cypress creek nature preserve. This is a perfect place where you can walk with your family or kids.

Cypress Creek Nature Preserve is one of the best places to go due to the beauty and serenity of the landscape.

Cypress Creek Nature Preserve is well known for:

  • Family Picnic
  • Hiking


7. Treat Yourself at Sugar Shack Bakery

While visiting Wimberley, Texas, make sure you treat yourself at Sugar Shack Bakery. I like their frosted cookies and if you happen to visit the place, try their frosted or lemon cookies.

The Sugar Shack Bakery has different varieties of cookies and event cakes that you can buy and enjoy with your family or kids.

8. Stay At 7A Ranch

If you are looking for a place to stay and enjoy your time with your family or kids, you need to book your vacation at 7aranch.

7aranch is a family-owned resort that is located in Wimberley, Texas. It’s a perfect resort for families and couples who want to unwind.

  • Address: 333 Wayside Drive Wimberley, TX, 78676
  • Phone: (512) 847-2517
  • Website: 7A Ranch

9. Stay At Wimberley Cabins

Wimberley has some great cabins where you can stay while still on your vacation. Instead of staying at expensive hotels, you can opt to stay at any of the below cabins.

The Cabins are affordable and extraordinary. They are close to places where you can have outdoor activities with your families or kids. Below are some of the best Cabins in Wimberley you can choose from.

  • Cypress Creek Shoreline Home
  • The Moonshiner Cabin
  • Cozy Log Cabin Retreat for Two
  • Romantic Log Cabin On Smith Creek
  • Mas Suerte Wimberley Texas
  • Coolview Cabin
  • 7ARanch

10. Wimberley Zipline Adventure

Visit Wimberley Zipline to experience the amazing zipline adventure. Before you leave Wimberley, I’d recommend you sign off with a Zipline adventure.

This is an excellent activity that is friendly to adults. If you want to score an adrenaline rush, you need to kick things off with a Zipline adventure.

  • Address: 376 Winn Valley Dr., Wimberley, TX 78676
  • Phone: (512) 847-9990
  • Website: Wimberley Zipline


We have looked at some of the top things to do in Wimberley, Texas.

Let me summarise some of the things you can do for free, places to go, where to stay, things to do for Christmas, night activities you can do, and places to shop.

Below are things you can do for free without spending money.

  • Stroll around Wimberley Square
  • Hike at Cypress creek nature preserve
  • Visit the Wimberley Valley Museum
  • Drive along Hill Country

Top Places Where To Stay in Wimberley, Texas

  • 7ARanch
  • Hotel Flora and Fauna
  • Wimberley Inn
  • Cypress Creek Cottages
  • Blair House Inn

Things You Can Do for Christmas

  • Enjoy winter eve
  • Enjoy Market days which is a popular event throughout the year
  • Eat at Blair house inn restaurant during their Christmas events

Things You Can do In Wimberley, TX at Night

  • Visit the wine bar at Los Olivos Market
  • Visit a dance hall that hosts dancing nights

Fun Activities to do Over the Weekend

  • Spend at Wimberley Zipline Adventure
  • Find a wine tour to take you to your preferred wineries
  • Go Kayaking at San Marcos River
  • Go for hose riding
  • Wander around blue hole regional park


There you have it-top things you can do with your family in Wimberley, Texas.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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