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6 Best Romantic Restaurants In Wimberley To Eat At With Your Family

The ranching village of Wimberley in Texas is a gem of a place that my family and I discovered on one of our recent trips.

It is home to some of the best spring-fed swimming holes and the best wines you can have anywhere.  

The hill country has a charm that no other state in this great country can compare to, and it is not just because Matthew McConaughey recently launched the Longbranch bourbon, although I am a fan of the Texan legend.

But unbeknownst to a lot of folks, restaurants in Wimberley are among the most romantic places to dine for couples on a getaway.

Everything from the beautiful setting to the mouthwatering food makes them perfect and must feature on the list of things couples can do on this side of the country.

This post of the six best romantic restaurants in Wimberley is a ready reference for you when you visit this side of the country.

I’ve also covered the restaurants’ specialty so keep on reading to find out!

1. Durango’s Mexican Restaurant

This Mexican hotspot takes the first spot on my list of the best places to eat in Wimberley, as I am simply blown away by the chicken fajitas.

The tender chicken with the fresh seasonal toppings was an explosion of flavor in the mouth and paired excellently with the margaritas that I ordered.

Durango’s is well known for chili Rellenos, carne asada, and chips among the locals, and the waitress confirmed it, during our brief exchange.

You should also definitely try the crunchy shell, BLT sandwich, and tortilla from fresh flour.

Another feature of this eatery that stood out to me is the numerous side dishes that you can order – from rice and cream to veggies and jalapenos, and you need to see the menu to believe it! Families with kids and couples frequent this Wimberley restaurant for lunch and dinner on the fresh grilled menu.

If you’re too lazy to go to this Mexican restaurant, Durango’s is among the eateries that deliver through Doordash, so you have options.

Overall, this is one of the best places to eat in Wimberley, especially if you love Mexican cuisine. 

  • Address: Durango’s Mexican Grill 245 Red Cliffs Dr Saint George, UT 84790
  • Phone: (435) 688-2200
  • Website: Durangosmexicangrill.net

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2. Wimberley Café

Wimberley Café is well known for hash browns, which was perfect as my wife had recently discovered her love for this popular dish.

Being the incurable romantic that I am, a private breakfast with my beautiful wife on a Thursday night was just in order.

This award-winning café is in the heart of the town square, and everything from the patio dining to the welcoming interiors makes this one of the best romantic restaurants in Wimberley.

And hey, if the cafés in this hill country are good enough for musician Kevin Fowler, it’s good for us!

Turning our attention to the food, the hash browns lived up to my wife’s expectations, and so did the chicken sandwich.

The chicken fried steak and the café’s famous pancakes I ordered also did their magic in my mouth, and we visited again on the last day.

The café serves full breakfast most days and all-day breakfast on Wednesdays, but you do need to arrive early to secure your favorite dish.

Apart from the delicious breakfast, Wimberley Café also serves lunch and dinner, in case you are interested.

The mushroom cheeseburger and the King Ranch Chicken, in particular, seem very popular with the crowd.

This café in Wimberley square also serves natural wine, premium beer, and other beverages.

If you are traveling with kids, they have a special kid’s meal, which is a feature worth mentioning.

  • Address: 101-A Wimberley Square Wimberley, Texas 78676
  • Phone: (512) 847-3333
  • Website: Wimberleycafe.com

3. Chill’s On The Creek

Chill’s On The Creek is another fantastic eatery and is undeniably among the best romantic restaurants in Wimberley.

This is also one of the dog-friendly restaurants in Wimberley, with picnic tables for pets and unrivaled views of Cypress Creek.

After long hours of shopping in Wimberley, this restaurant is a perfect spot to relax with drinks from the best wineries, a salad, and sweet potato fries.

You should also try out the Chill’s catfish and sourdough, a hit among the café patrons.

At the recommendation of the bartender, I tried the catfish and Boudin Balls – hand-breaded DJ Boudin fried and served with white queso and loved it.

The fried pickles at this restaurant are something that I tried for the first time and absolutely enjoyed as well.

The salad dressing at the Wimberley café is among the best and most diverse. Take your pick from Italian, 1000 island, fela greek, spinach dip, and more. Chill’s also has a special selection of seafood in case you are interested in such cuisine.

And, of course, the Smoked Stuff and brisket at Chill’s is another specialty that you can’t miss. Nothing beats the authentic taste of a Texan BBQ wood-fired smoked meat.

Chill’s kid’s meal is also as delectable as the regular adult menu making this a great spot for a family.

To add more fun to the outing, grab the opportunity to build your own burger with your choice of meat and cheese at this cool restaurant in Wimberley.

  • Address: 14004 Ranch Road 12 Wimberley, TX 78676
  • Phone: 512.847.6060
  • Website: Chillsonthecreek.com

4. Jobell Café & Bistro

Couples looking for a romantic Valentine in Wimberley cannot miss Jobell Café and Bistro, as it is an ideal spot for some lovin’ and good food.

Whether you prefer the intimate atmosphere inside the dining rooms or the outdoor dining, this café is ideal for fantastic one-on-one time with your partner.

Jobell Café also shines when it comes to food with its chef-prepared dishes and selected wine from local vineyards.

It is one of the new Wimberley restaurants that emphasize the home cooking style, so every meal is sumptuous.

I particularly enjoyed their Brussels sprouts and Mussels that hit a sweet spot of freshness and flavor.

Other famous dishes at Jobell include bone marrow, French onion soup, and wine.

The grits and avocado toast at this Wimberley café was also very special and is worth a shoutout.

For adventurous eaters, smoked duck breast is another specialty you should definitely try.

Jobell Café and Bistro have a dedicated menu for brunch, lunch, and dinner, so whether you are looking for an appetizer, a Wimberley brunch, or a romantic dinner on a Saturday night, they have your back. 

For special dates at this Wimberley café, make sure to book your reservation in advance.

If you are vegan or someone with a restricted diet, Jobell has the best food in Wimberley, TX, for you as well.

  • Address: 16920 Ranch Road 12 Wimberley, TX 78676
  • Phone: (512) 847-5700
  • Website: Jobellcafe.com

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5. Community Pizza & Beer Garden

This is one of the most popular restaurants near Wimberley TX, that also serve the best meatballs and deviled eggs I have ever tasted.

This is the playground of fun-loving couples, families, and even those traveling solo in Wimberley.

The open seating arrangement goes perfectly well with the draft beer, pizza, and artichoke dip that the eatery is famous for.

If you’re unsure about the several draft beers on the menu, try the cocktails and the selection of wines.

You will also love the biscuits and the shareable salads at this café, and of course, creating your own pizza is also fun, if you’re with family.

The community café is among the pet-friendly restaurants in the town, especially because of its relaxed open setting. As expected, this Wimberley café has a dedicated kid’s menu, which is perfect if you are out with kids.

6. The Leaning Pear

This is one of the famous Wimberley restaurants on the river that will take your breath away with the good combination of great food and environment.

The treehouse design of the restaurant adds to the overall charm of The Leaning Pear, which is in addition to the lively crowd that frequents this favorite place of locals and visitors alike. 

The dessert selection singlehandedly makes this one of the best romantic restaurants in Wimberley.

You will love the ancho dark chocolate terrine and mason jar cheesecake if you have a sweet tooth.

Crab cakes, potato skins, Coconut Lime Panna Cotta, and poblano pimento cheese are signature dishes of this popular restaurant.

During my visit to The Leaning Pear, the Reuben sandwich and pimento cheese stood as my favorites.

If you’re looking for a great experience on a Friday night with friends or family, The Leaning Pear is a fantastic choice.

  • Address: 111 River Rd #110, Wimberley, TX 78676
  • Phone: +1 512-847-7327
  • Website: Leaningpear.com


All in all, the best romantic restaurants in Wimberley, TX, offer world-class service and hill country-inspired dishes that make every outing special.

Whether you like the quite intimate ambiance at Wimberley Café or the patio dining at the Chill’s, there is something for every couple and family looking to spend quality time over a tasty meal.

Very few cafés and eateries in this quiet town have live music, which is unfortunate.

Aside from this minor issue, the Wimberley restaurants on this list can easily give the hotspots in the big towns a run for their money.

What do you think about the restaurants in Wimberley, and do you have a favorite café in this city?

Feel free to share with us!

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