Work With Me To Grow Your Travel Business

Hi, I’m Bill Otieno a traveler and digital content marketer behind the Absolute Winery blog that offers travel tips, destinations, wine-tasting regions, and the best places to escape with your family.

Absolute Winery blog is one of the best travel and wine blogs which is loved by most people around the world. If you would like to promote your travel blog, travel business, or tourism company, then you’re in the right place.

We love publishing travel news, in-depth guides, and real-life travel stories to our readers.

With a strong background in digital marketing and travel, I’d like to offer my professional service in relatable travel marketing campaigns which will make your travel business get noticed on Google as well as attracting a highly engaged audience.

How Can We Partner?

At Absolute Winery I offer the below cooperation:

  • Sponsored blog posts
  • Freelance writing
  • Hotel Review
  • Content Marketing

Why Work With Absolute Winery

  • My understanding of SEO will make sure your content ranks well on Google.
  • You’ll get carefully researched content.
  • You’ll get additional service at no cost


  • Audience: Parents, Couples, Hotels, and solo travelers.
  • Gender: 85% women, 15% Men.
  • Age: 80% Ages 25 – 44, 25% Ages 45+, 5% Ages 18-24.
  • Location: 83% United States, 7% Canada, 4% United Kingdom, 2% Australia, 11% Other.

Below Are My Top Travel Marketing Services I Offer

1. Sponsored blog posts

Below are the benefits you’ll get when you opt for a sponsored blog post:

a. I’ll write engaging content around your product or service

b. Content will be 1500 words minimum

c. I’ll get creative in writing the article

d. Content will be posted on my blog

e. The article will be advertised using Pinterest Ads and Outbrain for maximum exposure.

2. Freelance Writing

When you choose me as your freelance writer, you get:

a. Content with 1500+ minimum word count

b. The article will be advertised using Pinterest Ads and Outbrain for maximum exposure.

c. The content will satisfy Google and improve your visibility online

d. Long-term organic growth

Below are my writing samples for your review:

1. First Sample

2. Second Sample

3. Third Sample

3. Content Marketing

I will handle your content marketing in 6 steps:

a. We will discuss and define which top keywords you want to go after.

b. I will analyze your competitor’s backlink profile.

c. Will share with you the topic for approval.

d. Will write engaging content of 2000 minimum words togther with an infographic.

e. I will use email outreach to influencers, media sites and relevant jounalist to feature or mention your article.

f. Once the link has been placed, I’ll reach out t you with full report.

4. Hotel Review

I also review hotels. If you have a need for a hotel review, reach out to me via the below email for further deliberation.

Places Where I Have Been Featured

Quick Note To Consider:

  • I do not accept pre-written sponsored content
  • No paid links


Email me at [email protected] with any ideas or questions you may have at any time and I will get back to you as soon as possible.