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15 Negative And Positive Reviews About World Nomads Travel Insurance You Should Know

I am a digital nomad. 

I love traveling and writing with equal passion. The digital nomads lifestyle has allowed me to travel from Brazil, Australia, Poland, and Japan to Johannesburg – which I couldn’t have done with a regular desk job. 

When Covid hit the shores in 2020, it stopped the lives of many traveling bloggers; I was no exception.

I was never big on travel insurance, but I started considering my options because some countries I wanted to visit required it, and first up was World Nomads. 

Needless to say, the World Nomads Travel Insurance Company has an equal number of happy and disgruntled customers.

Before I decided to get travel insurance from them, I combed through the reviews and alternative companies that offer this type of package.

And I am sharing my experience with you here. 

Let’s check out the World Nomads negative reviews first

1. It’s Expensive

World Nomads Insurance sucks because it is expensive. At $9/day, it barely covers the basics and does not include Covid.

I was really eager to enter Argentina, but the insurance from this company was not enough. 

I used the “contact us” option to get in touch with the team four times but did not get a response. My experience with World Nomads nearly made me go insane!

2. Looks Worse Post-Pandemic

I bought travel insurance from World Nomads based on a friend’s recommendation.

Apparently, my friend had a decent experience with this travel insurance company.

He had an incident while traveling, and the company covered it immediately. 

However, I had a terrible experience with World Nomads, which is proof of all the horror stories I read about this insurance provider.

World Nomads Insurance Company looks worse post-pandemic, as they don’t seem to cover anything.

3. Claim Process is Slow

I was greatly impressed with World Nomads reviews and their 10-day claim process guarantee, and I signed up immediately.

But when I needed a minor foot surgery while traveling, World Nomads did not review my claim even after two months. 

I have already followed up twice, and they promised the processing soon. World Nomads service is super slow, and their 10-day claims are a total scam. Be careful about signing up with World Nomads.

4. It Takes Hours To Redo Claims

World Nomads outsource their claims to a third party, so expect to wait weeks or months to hear from them.

It has been three weeks since we submitted a claim with World Nomads with absolutely no contact.

The third party let us know that the claims have yet to be merged for review.

The contact number on World Nomads is also routed to a third party, so the customer reps are pretty useless.

Bypassing World Nomads and working with a third party is better, but it takes hours of work to redo the claims.

I would not recommend World Nomads and wish I had known about these issues three weeks ago.

5. Unfriendly Travel Policy

World Nomads has the worst travel policy among the insurance companies.

The response time for claims is poor and the customer service is worse. I would not recommend World Nomads, now or in the future.

6. Customer Service Not All Helpful

Making a claim on World Nomads is impossible; the insurance company’s website does not load.

In addition, the website does not accept bank details and the customer service is not at all helpful in solving any issues.

7. Not Good For Travel Bloggers

After researching extensively on the internet for nomad travel insurance reviews and policies, I chose World Nomads. It had a comprehensive service, which suited my trip to the Arctic.  

But the problems started when I submitted my claims. One was for trip interruptions, and the other in regard to a broken camera. They called me once, but it was to ask for my flight itinerary after I had provided it the first time. 

After five months, there is still no communication, and I’m starting to wonder if World Nomads is a scam. I have contacted the customer reps five times but with no success, and I’m not sure if my claims will ever be resolved. 

Do yourself a favor and avoid World Nomads Insurance Company at all costs, especially for travel bloggers.

Now, let’s look at the positive world nomads travel insurance reviews. 

8. Best Policy for Digital Nomads

I have used World Nomads travel insurance on many adventures and have had great experience.

I called them once after I had an ankle injury while having fun in Thailand and the customer agents were very supportive and attentive and I felt very fortunate. World Nomads was a true backup from the first call and has the best travel insurance policy.” 

9. Best for Women Travelling Solo

For my travels abroad, I have been using World Nomads for a few years. Till recently, I had no need to use travel insurance.

However, on my latest trip, my travel insurance cover was not sent to my email address. 

This required me to write to World Nomads and I did through the ‘help me’ section.

The customer agent was quick to answer and they sent my travel policy straight to my email address immediately.

World Nomads is a great company and it is highly recommended for women traveling solo.

10. Customer Rep Are Professional

World Nomads was a great support when I needed support during a pickle of a situation.

The professional advice from the customer reps was unexpected and had a pleasant outcome.”

11. They Work as a Team

World Nomad Travel Insurance Company and their affiliate TripMate are very responsive and helpful.

During my claim process, the team was fair and helped my family in a timely manner.

12. Their Evacuation Evacuation Policy is Reliable

During my trip to the Everest base camp in Nepal from the USA, I fell sick and required emergency evacuation to a hospital in Kathmandu.

My travel policy with World Nomads paid the helicopter and the medical bills.

If World Nomads did not pay the helicopter fee, I would not have survived. I greatly appreciate the timely help from this travel insurer.

13. Set Up Is Seemless

Everything from the trip planning to setting up the insurance with World Nomads is seamless. I also love the ability to donate to worthy charities through them.

14. Easy to Navigate

My husband and I use World Nomads and we love it! The website is well designed, it is easy to use, and they have different options for all types of trips.

We use their policies for backpacking, and vacations with kids. We are going to Panama City beach in a few months and we will use their insurance coverage for our activities abroad.

15. They Have a Loyalty Discount

I have used World Nomads for several years and trips and they are the best.

The travel policies are the best value for money, the insurance coverage and the trip cancellation is easy to apply and I get a loyalty discount too!

My personal experience with World Nomads Travel Insurance Company 

With the opportunity created by digital nomad jobs, I decided to give travel insurance a shot on my recent trip to France.

With the recent scare of the Covid pandemic, it felt right to get on the travel insurance bandwagon, and here’s how it went. 

World Nomads’ website was easy to navigate. The option to get a free quote from this insurer with details including your age, the number of travelers, your destination, and the duration was also nice. 

When it comes to pricing, World Nomads policies vary greatly vary from one country to the other. The travel coverage from this insurer is extensive, which is a great feature.

Since I was traveling to wineries to see the vineyards, I picked a policy covering general farm work and fruit picking. 

I did not have to make a claim, but the customer service was not too bad.

Alternatives to World Nomads Travel Insurance Company 

My experience with World Nomads was decent, but yours could be vastly different.

So, if you want some travel insurers that are good alternatives for World Nomads, here are the top options:

  • SafetyWing Nomad Insurance: This travel insurer is very similar to World Nomads; the website is easy to use, and applying for insurance is easy. – SafetyWing is a credible company with years of providing reliable insurance to people all over the world.
  • GeoBlue: For medical coverage at almost half the price of travel insurance, you can’t go wrong with GeoBlue. 
  • Travelex: With extensive coverage for different activities and low prices, Travelex is a fantastic alternative to World Nomads. This travel insurer does not charge an additional price for kids, which is a big bonus.
  • InsureMyTrip: Travel policy coverage starts at as low as $25 and is one of the most affordable insurers for frequent travelers.

Wrapping up

Traveling is a fulfilling experience that you cannot compare to anything. But working at your convenience and making a living while traveling?

It makes everything a lot sweeter and more memorable.

However, jumping on the next plane for that adrenaline rush and taking pictures for Instagram and Pinterest is not enough.

Travel and health insurance should be a top priority, especially in the post-pandemic world. 

Do you have a digital nomad experience or a positive/negative experience with a travel insurer?

Share your story in the comments!

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